Why Brooke Shields Is Learning How To Walk Again

Actor and model Brooke Shields is recovering after revealing in a Feb. 21, 2021, Instagram post that she broke her femur. "Beginning to mend. No matter what your challenge is, make a positive choice, for yourself, to move forward. #BeginningisNow," she captioned a video of herself in a hospital gown and walking slow on crutches. In the clip, Shields counts her steps and explaining she can only put 20 percent of her body weight on her injured femur. "The goal is to bend your knee each time like a little bit, just so you're not dragging it or hitching up your hip," she said.

Although Shields didn't explain the cause of her injury, Harvard Health explained that "it takes a lot of force to fracture this bone in healthy people." The medical school noted that the femur bone "usually fractures during high-impact trauma" like car accidents or falls from high ground, but, in the case of low-impact, it could mean "the femur has been weakened by an illness, such as osteoporosis or cancer."

The outlet suggests a substantial trauma is the likely cause of a femur fracture, but we don't know whether this was the case for Shields. However, the star has been open on social media about her fitness routine, even posting her "14-day transformation" with fans in January 2021. As it turns out, her commitment to fitness has proved valuable in the past — keep reading to find out how.

Brooke Shields has overcome injuries before

Before Brooke Shields' femur injury, the actor gushed about feeling great and enjoying exercising for the first time in her life. "People my age can get crossed off at a certain point — like you've had a good run, you've had your kids, you've had your career, you're done," she told InStyle magazine in May 2020. "Meanwhile, in my 50s, I feel physically better than ever."

However, when discussing her new love for getting physical, she said her demanding career did a number on her form. "From the day [in 1994] when I joined Grease on Broadway, I was a machine. Then I started getting injured and was having to play catch-up. But the show must go on: Once the adrenaline starts, you don't feel the pain; you take an Advil at intermission," she explained to the outlet. "Physically, it's unlike anything else because there's no real protection, and there is no rest." She continued, "I let my body get beaten up for so many decades, and it's gotten so much older than my chronological age." However, Shields revealed she underwent a "partial knee replacement" and that the health scare made her "so much stronger," adding, "I realized what I'm really capable of." Go, mama!

Brooke Shields' secret to healthy living is water

Over the years, Brooke Shields has been very candid about her desire to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle. In fact, the actor and model previously shared with People that she feels her best when drinking more water and less alcohol. She added to Healthy Living that her best advice for others looking to feel their best is getting enough sleep and drinking enough water. "I don't think there's a trick to being healthy; I think we all know what our limitations are," Shields explained. "There's no 'drink lemon juice after fried chicken.' It's about being honest with yourself." She acknowledged it might be a "boring" tip, but it's the truth. 

Whatever Shields is doing, it's definitely working as she's inspired many to stay in shape and live their healthiest lives. Unfortunately, even people in the best shape get injured — and though it's unclear if she broke her femur while working out, it looks like Shields will be back in the gym in no time.

Brooke Shields' celeb friends wished her a speedy recovery

Based on her Instagram post, it looks like Brooke Shields is hopeful to make a full recovery after her femur injury. In the comments section of her post, many of the actor's famous friends sent their well-wishes and support. "You got this, champ," InStyle's editor-in-chief Laura Brown wrote. Academy Award nominee Glenn Close added, "Brooke! So sorry! Courage...it's in your blood. Sending love." Basic Instinct star Sharon Stone even offered to bring her friend some food, writing, "Oh crap honey I'm so sorry let me know how you're doing R u home out west I can bring food." Helena Christensen, supermodel and former Victoria's Secret Angel, also confirmed Shields is doing well, adding, "So glad I got to see you baby you looked so well and beautiful and I know this is a tough one."

Only time will tell whether Shields will come out on top following her femur fracture, and we wish her a speedy recovery too.