Inside Nicholas Hoult's Split With Jennifer Lawrence

For nearly five years, Nicholas Hoult and Jennifer Lawrence made up one of Hollywood's hottest young couples. According to Bustle, the duo met during a screen-test for X-Men First Class, which likely would've been sometime in 2010. Just Jared confirmed the news of their relationship in 2011 after Hoult accompanied Lawrence to the SAG Awards. Throughout the next four years, Hoult and Lawrence would go on to experience blossoming careers and an enviously adorable relationship. Of course, the couple kept their lives quite private, so fans enjoyed glimpses of the couple at red carpet events together or mention of one another in interviews.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end — at least, this was the case for Hoult and Lawrence's romance. According to W magazine, the young Hollywood actors officially called it quits in 2014, devastating fans of the couple. Despite their split, Hoult and Lawrence have found a way to remain friendly and even continue working together — keep reading to learn more details about their breakup and its aftermath.

Nicholas Hoult and Jennifer Lawrence's split was drama-free

Though Nicholas Hoult and Jennifer Lawrence were pretty low-key for a famous couple, their split was headline-worthy news. In August 2014, E! News reported that Hoult and Lawrence had called it quits for a very understandable reason. "They spent a lot of time apart because of work, and it was difficult on their relationship," a source claimed to the publication. They added that the split "was very amicable."

And, because the exes would go on to work in a new X-Men film together, it's for the best that they were able to keep things amicable. Lawrence even admitted that she's "friends with all of [her] exes" during a February 2018 appearance on the podcast WTF with Marc Maron. So clearly, there's no bad blood between the actors.

Hoult and Lawrence eventually moved on from the romance, finding new relationships in the following years. Lawrence ended up marrying her art-dealer boyfriend, Cooke Maroney, in 2019, according to People. As for Hoult, the actor hasn't yet married, though he has been dating model Bryana Holly since 2017. The two welcomed a son together in 2018, per the Daily Mail. Seemingly, Hoult and Lawrence have long forgotten about their romance, though many fans will continue to bask in the glory days of the young Hollywood sweethearts.