The Truth About Pop My Pet's Dr. Jackie Dueñas

If you're a fan of Dr. Pimple Popper, the TLC show about a dermatologist who treats skin disorders and "pops" pimples (as the title states), then you may be interested in the Discovery's next venture. New streaming service discovery+ offers lots of shows from their family of channels, including TLC, Animal Planet, Food Network, and of course, Discovery, by combining a TLC and Animal Planet interest: Pop My Pet.

Popaholics — aka folks who follow Dr. Pimple Popper and similar projects — should enjoy Pop My Pet, a one-hour special that follows three veterinarians as they treat animals with severe skin and health issues like tumors, lumps, cysts, and abscesses. These vets, Dr. Jackie Dueñas, Dr. Cody Creelman, and Dr. Grant Dunbar, are often up against the clock to save these poor animals, whose owners are in dire need of help — for example, there's Pumpkin, a small rescue pup with a tumor as big as his head. There's also the added excitement of treating so-called dangerous animals who may not want to receive treatment even if it's best for them, as Dr. Dueñas goes to Orlando's Gatorland to save "Predator," an alligator with a lump on its jaw.

In preparation for the special, which streams on discovery+ starting on March 1, let's get to know veterinarian Dr. Jackie Duenas a little better.

Dr. Jackie Dueñas is a Miami girl through and through

Dr. Jackie Dueñas, one of the new stars of the discovery+ special, Pop My Pet, is a veterinarian located in Miami, Fla., where she was born and raised. Dr. Dueñas works at Sunset Animal Clinic, where she serves as an associate veterinarian, according to the practice's website. She also served as the past president on the board of the South Florida Veterinary Medical Association.

A Florida girl all her life, Dr. Dueñas left the state only briefly to study veterinary medicine at Ross University on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts. But she returned to her home state right afterward to finish her studies at the University of Florida. The beautiful young doctor began working with Sunset Animal Clinic immediately after graduating from Ross in 2017. According to Sunset, Dr. Dueñas primarily focuses on "soft tissue surgery, dermatology, and emergency medicine" and also "finds fulfillment in being able to help sick and injured animals return to a life of happiness and health with their families." Her goal to become a vet since she was a girl, and she's happy to have made her dreams come true.

This "Vet-Mom," as she calls herself on her Instagram, is an animal lover at home as well as professionally: She and her husband own three dogs, one of whom is a rescue pitbull named Penny. You'll be able to see Dr. Dueñas at work as she rescues other animals on the Pop My Pet special.