Aubrey O'Day's New Look Is Raising Eyebrows

Singer and social media personality Aubrey O'Day is making headlines for her mouth yet again — but this time, it's not what you think. While O'Day made her thoughts known about the Trump family following her alleged relationship with Donald Trump, Jr., according to Refinery29, the Making the Band alum even called out Sean "Diddy" Combs for his coaching techniques on the reality series, as per Variety.

But it's the Danity Kane member's changing looks that has the internet abuzz. In October 2019, O'Day admitted to Us Weekly that she's had lip fillers and Botox, relying on Instagram filters for photos as well. "I know all the tricks and I use them," O'Day teased. 

Yet she's endured criticism over the years for her looks. "By being on reality TV since I was 17 and being called a leather handbag that's been [dragged] through the dryer 15 times since I was 17. It's all silly [...] As I get older, there's so much pressure on women to be skinny or to have tinier bodies and every little inch that I gain I'm so affected by it," O'Day continued. "[But] I look in the mirror. I know what I look like. I love me!" 

So what about O'Day latest look is turning heads? Keep scrolling to find out!

Aubrey O'Day has noticeably fuller lips

Aubrey O'Day took to Instagram Stories to defend her new physique in September 2020, but by February 2021, she's the name on everyone's lips for her new pout. 

O'Day showed off her fuller smile in an Instagram video, with the caption: "When is everyone going to learn...I catch the most life when I'm in the underestimated box. See y'all on the flip side." 

Her almost 1 million followers immediately commented on O'Day's look, with some preferring her more natural features. "Beautiful girl but those lips are too much," one fan wrote. Another added, "Her natural beauty was her best." 

Others supported O'Day no matter what. "They hate you cause they ain't you. Keep winning Queen," shared one user. "You look incredible," gushed a follower. "Sooo beautiful." Many others simply responded with heart emojis.

At least the response is more positive than O'Day's September 2020 post that prompted her to call out critics. "It's so f**king sick what people will do to a woman's body for click bait!" O'Day wrote on Instagram Stories, per Entertainment Tonight"My lawyer needed this photo to defend me against it. When is this industry going to stop abusing women's bodies?!" We couldn't agree more!