The Untold Truth Of Married To Medicine's Dr. Heavenly Kimes

Married to Medicine star Dr. Heavenly Kimes is just that: an angel in a white lab coat. As a leading dentist in Atlanta, Dr. Heavenly set out to put a smile on everyone's face, with her practice appropriately named: Smiles by Dr. Heavenly. However, she's proven she's more than her angel wings with her multi-million-dollar dental practices, her own at-home teeth whitening line SmileChangers, and her best-selling motivational and self-help book series, per Bravo TV. However, there is so much more to this doctor's story than her impressive résumé.

With the premiere of Season 8 of Married to Medicine set for March. 7, 2021, Dr. Heavenly is ready to show viewers another side of her that we haven't seen before. "This season is very different as a whole on many levels with the pandemic and social justice movements," the reality star told The Shade Room on Feb. 28, 2021. "You will see us contributing to many different aspects of BLM. Including voter registration, COVID testing and fundraisers." Aside from her work with social justice reform, keep scrolling for more facts about the Married to Medicine star.

Dr. Heavenly is more like 'superwoman than a dentist'

Along with running her dental empire, Dr. Heavenly Kimes is mother to three children — college-age sons Damon and Zachary and daughter Alaura — so, it makes sense when Bravo says, "Heavenly is starting to look more like superwoman than a dentist." However, Dr. Heavenly tries to keep her children out of the public eye and seldom shares photos of her rowdy brood. Of course, sometimes she can't help herself, and, in September 2020, the proud mama shared a picture of her three kids, writing, "I love these babies!!" In the comments, Dr. Heavenly opened up about their family dynamic. "My boys are so overprotective of their sister, which I love," she told fans at the time.

In November 2020, the mom shared more details about her relationship with her kids. "I spend quality time with all my children," she captioned a photo. "Together and separately. They need to know how much I love them. And how much I'm rooting for them. I answer their questions, as parents we have a wealth of knowledge... if we can prevent our children from making some of the mistakes we've made, we can make the world a better place!"

Dr. Heavenly and her husband are a match made in ... heaven

Luckily for Dr. Heavenly Kimes, she's not riding solo when it comes to parenting. The proud mama shares her three kids with husband Dr. Damon Kimes, and the pair have been together for nearly two decades, according to Bravo TV. The two first met while attending Meharry Medical College and got married soon after they received their diplomas, according to the couple's married biography.

Although Dr. Heavenly may study dentistry while Dr. Damon is a pain medicine specialist, the power couple still finds ways to work together. Following the spread of COVID-19, Dr. Damon and his practice helped increase testing in their state of Georgia and Dr. Heavenly took to Instagram to praise her husband's work. "I'm so proud of you!" she commented on an Instagram post about his latest endeavor in June 2020. "I love how you are really passionate about [people] and your career." Dr. Heavenly later shared several photos of her and her man working together on the frontlines.

Her weight loss transformation is inspiring

One of Dr. Heavenly Kimes' storylines throughout her time of Married to Medicine has been her impressive weight loss transformation. The physician has lost a total of 75 pounds and has never felt better, but it took a lot for her to slim down. "My friend ... called me her full-figured friend. I didn't think I was that heavy at the time but it really changed the way I looked at myself, and I decided I needed to change for me," she explained in 2018, per AJC. "I had (gastric banding) surgery in 2007, but it didn't work for me. I lost some weight but then gained it right back a year later. (This time) I changed my mind-set. I made my vision board of how much I wanted to lose. I looked at it every day and reminded myself why I wanted to do it — I wanted to be healthy for my family and to live a longer life."

Her closet and glam room are envious

Dr. Heavenly Kimes may have her hands full with her family and her thriving dental practices, but she still knows how to relax and enjoy the finer things in life. The reality star gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at her closet and glam rooms for NBC, and from the look of her opulent home, we now we see why she works so hard. In the footage, the doctor showed viewers some of her favorite shoes in her huge walk-in closet, and although she said, "I ain't no name brand girl," in the clip, she also said that she likes to separate her luxury goods by designer.

In another section of her closet, Dr. Heavenly showed off her collection of coats displayed in glass cabinets, along with her collection of Maybach luggage, which you can only get if you own the prestigious car. While giving a tour of her glam room, the beauty showed off her salon-quality fixtures, complete with a barber's chair for her husband, since "me and my man are one," she said in the clip. The room was also complete with her collection of wigs, of course.

She supports powerful women

As a successful doctor with multiple businesses and a family at home, there is no doubt that Dr. Heavenly Kimes supports successful women like herself. In fact, while giving fans a tour of her fabulous closet, she showed off her signed autographs from both Oprah Winfrey and Beyonce Knowles. "Signed by who? Who?! The legend herself!," Dr. Heavenly said as she showed off some of her most prized possessions, "some of my favorite things, right?!" But aside from paying homage to her idols, Dr. Heavenly also finds inspiration from the women around her and flashed copies of her Married to Medicine costars' books also on display in her closet.

Additionally, Dr. Heavenly tries to be a positive figure for other young women to look up to. She often takes to social media to share inspiring messages. "Good morning y'all! I feel so good !! This Sunlight is Therapeutic. Surround your with people that feed you and not drain you!" she wrote via Instagram. "God has given you everything you need to be the best you can be!" We all need a hype woman like Dr. Heavenly!