What Shannon From My 600-Lb Life Is Doing Now

Viewers met Arizona native Shannon Lowery on March 3, 2021 when her episode of My 600-lb Life premiered on TLC. As she was introduced, she was clearly struggling with her bed-ridden life. "I hate my life because I'm not even living anymore," she said in the episode (via Distractify). "I'm too big to do anything, so my whole world is just my bed right now. I can still get up, but just barely because of how bad it hurts to move all my weight around now."

She then recounted how her relationship with food became so unhealthy, which began when she was a child. "I used food to help me feel better when I was lonely," she explained. After her father and step-mother divorced, her step-mother and brothers moved away. Her dad was the only adult in the house and he worked in fast food; consequently, Shannon went to her dad's work to eat often.

When Shannon traveled to Texas to meet Dr. Younan Nowrazadan, or "Dr. Now," she weighed in at 739 pounds and was immediately hospitalized. She stayed in the hospital for two weeks and began a strict diet. She was then released with instructions to lose 150 pounds in two months.

After some ups and downs, Shannon was finally able to lose 80 pounds 13 months into her journey and was seeing life in a more positive light. So, was Shannon able to continue her progress? Keep reading to find out what Shannon from My 600-lb Life is doing now.

Shannon from My 600-lb Life is still on her fitness journey

Shannon Lowery from My 600-lb Life is still pushing through her weight loss journey and routinely updates her Facebook friends regarding her exercise and eating habits. However, Shannon has endured a serious roadblock that has set her back on her path to a healthier lifestyle. 

At the end of her episode of My 600-lb Life, Shannon had an apartment set up in Texas to move into in order to be closer to Dr. Now and bring her one step closer to obtaining weight loss surgery. Unfortunately, a February 2021 Facebook post revealed that she was unable to make the move due to financial struggles. "I dont know what im going to do," she wrote on her status. "I need to move to houston texas so i can get surgery to save my life." She went on to explain that everything was out of her price range, which is determined only by her income. During her 600-lb Life episode, Shannon expressed her strong dependency on her husband, but she did not speak about him in her heartbreaking life update. "Im freaked out pist off and depressed all in one," she concluded.

We wish Shannon the best as she continues forward in her lifestyle transformation.