Whatever Happened To Stephanie From LazyTown?

Child actor Julianna Rose Mauriello first rose to fame in the early 2000s, and she is most known for playing the role of Stephanie in LazyTown, which aired on Nickelodeon. Her character lived in a yellow house with her uncle, who was the mayor of the town. Stephanie's personality was very positive, and she was always known for her short pink bob and girly outfits of the same color.

According to IMDb, she was never originally cast for the role. The young girl who was initially offered the job declined their offer, which allowed Mauriello to take the part. The hit show was a huge success and enjoyed four seasons. As reported by TVOvermind, she would spend a lot of time filming the episodes in Iceland.

Mauriello starred in 51 episodes of LazyTown during 2004 through 2007. In 2013, the popular show made a return. However, Mauriello didn't come back and was replaced by Chloe Lang, who played Stephanie for Seasons 3 and 4, per IMDb.

With millions of fans around the world who fell in love with Stephanie, many may wonder what Mauriello got up to after the show.

Julianna Rose Mauriello got her master's in a totally different field than acting

After the success of LazyTown, Julianna Rose Mauriello continued to act for a little longer, but didn't take on any new roles that were as popular as Stephanie. According to IMDb, she last starred in the TV mini-series The Doc Files in 2013.

Over the years, there has been a lot of speculation about what happened to Mauriello after LazyTown. As previously reported by TVOvermind, there were rumors that the former child star had been arrested for sex work, while other stories stated she had died from a drug overdose. Fortunately, these were strictly rumors and completely untrue.

It appears that being a famous actor is not Mauriello's priority at the moment, as it's been nearly a whole decade since her last acting job. Instead, she went back to school and attended Columbia University to learn something different, per TVOvermind. Even though she has never officially announced she has ditched the entertainment industry, it seems her interests are elsewhere as she studied to get a master's degree in Occupational Therapy.

Mauriello keeps a very low profile nowadays and doesn't appear to be active on any social media platforms with a public account. However, TVOvermind noted that three years ago, she had a Facebook page that was updated regularly.