The Weirdest Job Titles In Bachelor Nation History

Since The Bachelor first premiered back in 2002, some contestants' job titles have only gotten more and more bizarre. We've seen everything from a "chicken enthusiast" to an "aspiring dolphin trainer" to a "tickle monster" and pretty much everything in between. But while these unforgettable job descriptions are hilarious, they aren't always the contestant's real job (though getting paid to be a chicken enthusiast does sound kind of fun). Many of the suitors with the most outlandish titles often have real jobs like doctor, real estate agent, or dental assistant. So what's the deal with the strange titles?

Well, the show has admittedly taken some creative liberties when coming up with these "jobs." In May 2018, The Bachelor producers spoke to Entertainment Weekly about why they've decided to come up with funny titles for the contestants. One unnamed producer said, "The idea is for the viewer to quickly get a sense of who this person is by glancing at what we call the lower-third chyron. ... However, so many traditional monikers have been replaced with terms like 'consultant' and 'sales director.' What do these even mean, really? So we decided a few years back to make an effort to not just be satisfied with 'consultants' and 'entrepreneurs.'"

And so, instead of generic job titles, the producers give viewers a glimpse into the contestants' quirky personalities with these absurd lower thirds. Let's dive into the weirdest job titles in Bachelor Nation history.

No, this Bachelor alum isn't a professional chicken enthusiast

"Chicken Enthusiast" might be one of the most infamous "job titles" in Bachelor history and it belonged to Tiara Soleim. You might remember Soleim as a contestant on Season 20 of The Bachelor. She was unfortunately sent home on night one, but she was back on our screens for Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise. And in case you were wondering, according to Soleim's Instagram bio, she's still an avid chicken enthusiast. Believe it or not, she also still frequently posts photos with chickens and other animals like horses. Soleim currently lives in Seattle and according to social media, she seems to still be friends with fellow Bachelor alum Olivia Caridi.

And while Soleim is still a proud chicken enthusiast, according to her LinkedIn profile, her real job is a dental assistant, so it seems like the whole chicken thing is more of just a hobby. During a 2016 interview with Vice, Soleim opened up about the story behind her wacky Bachelor title. Funny enough, this title credit all goes to Soleim, not the producers. When her friends were concerned about everyone calling her a chicken enthusiast, she said, "You guys, that was my idea. I'm a dental assistant, but at that time I had quit my job. Basically my world revolves around these feathered creatures so... I'm a Chicken Enthusiast. I don't know how else to say it." No harm, no fowl. 

Alexis Waters' The Bachelor job title swam into fans' hearts

While Alexis Waters has participated in multiple Bachelor franchise shows, she's definitely most remembered for her night one costume on Season 21 of The Bachelor. Waters went all out and came dressed up as what she thought was a dolphin and her title was subsequently "aspiring dolphin trainer." Even after other contestants on the show noted it was actually a shark costume, Waters was fully committed to the dolphin schtick.

Thanks to the dolphin/shark getup and the whole "aspiring" part, some fans suspected it wasn't a real job title. Outside of The Bachelor world, Waters graduated from Montclair State University and since the show, has become a full blown influencer and entrepreneur. Her career has nothing to do with dolphins, but she does have her own earring company called Hoop Nation by Alexis and she hosts a podcast with fellow Bachelor alum Raven Gates. Waters also appeared on Bachelor in Paradise Season 4, but she found love off screen with her current boyfriend Tyler Hernandez. The two have been together since 2017 and Waters often gushes about him on social media.

And the best part about Waters? Well, she isn't afraid to poke fun at herself and put back on the dolphin/shark costume every once in a while. In March 2020, she did an entire Bachelor Instagram sketch in the costume alongside her boyfriend. 

The tickle monster of The Bachelor is a doctor in real life

On Season 13 of The Bachelorette, Jonathan Treece's title was "tickle monster." Yes, you read that right, his job was literally listed as "tickle monster." Treece fully committed to the part and even tickled The Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay when he exited the limo. But amid all the jokes, it was safe to assume that tickling people wasn't his full time job.

Interestingly enough, in real life Treece is a doctor. On his Instagram page, the Florida based doctor says he specializes in regenerative medicine, family medicine, erectile dysfunction, and more. So why on earth would he lie about his job on the show? Being a doctor is an impressive job title, and fans wondered why his chyron didn't reflect his actual line of work.

During his season, Treece explained the bit. "I fully embrace the tickle monster," he shared (via Elite Daily). "I'm guaranteed to give them a good laugh. Whether it's with me or at me." And during a Facebook Live (via Romper), Chris Harrison also revealed why Treece went with the "tickle monster" title. "That's kind of what [Jonathan] does, that's his thing," Harrison said. "We figured we'd have some fun with these labels. It's not necessarily what they are — it's kind of who they are." 

Lucas Yancey brought the Whaboom to The Bachelorette

Lucas Yancey made a splash on Season 13 of The Bachelorette. "Whaboom" was listed as his job title on the show, but it was more than just a limo exit moment. It was his nickname, a word he would yell throughout his time on the show, and a key part of his reality TV persona. On The Bachelorette, Yancey explained, "The word 'Whaboom' grew from the word 'boom,' but it has a lot more energy behind it." Unsurprisingly, according to his LinkedIn page, Yancey's real job isn't being whatever "Whaboom" is. In real life, he's an actor and works in real estate. 

In June 2017, Yancey broke typical Bachelor protocol and revealed that "Whaboom" was actually part of his plan to go on the show for fame, not just love. Yancey told the Domenick Nati Show that he was "50/50" on going on The Bachelorette for love and fame, claiming he's not alone in that. Yancey said, "Even with guys that make it to the top four or the top eight, it's people kind of just BS-ing their way and playing into the 'oh I love you, she's the best thing that ever happened to me' thing."

And it seems like Yancey's still riding the wave of Bachelor fame. If you follow Yancey on social media, you know that he still hasn't given up on "Whaboom." His Instagram bio says "Whaboom it up" and his merch store is linked on his page.

The Bachelor's Emily and Haley Ferguson really are professional twins

When identical twins Emily and Haley Ferguson were contestants on Season 20 of The Bachelor, most fans thought they were seeing double. And during their time on the show, they both went with the job title of "twin." Before appearing on The Bachelor, the twins were professional dancers in real life, but believe it or not, they've actually made quite the career out of being twins.

The "Twin" job title seemed like a joke, like many contestants' intentionally goofy job titles, but Emily and Haley took it and ran with it. They appeared on multiple seasons of Bachelor in Paradise, gained hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers, and even got their own Bachelor franchise spinoff called The Twins: Happily Ever After. Then, in January 2021, they launched their own podcast called Twinning at Life. Interestingly enough, the identical twins are also both in relationships with professional hockey players. Coincidence or just some twin telepathy? We may never know! It seems like anything is possible with these two though, because what started as a joke job title, has turned into their real life careers!

The Bachelorette's pantsapreneur closed that chapter of his life

Sometimes the bizarre job titles in The Bachelor franchise are not only not real jobs, but they also aren't even real words. This was the case for season 10 Bachelorette contestant JJ O'Brien, also known as "pantsapreneur." As you might've deduced, "pantsapreneur" was just a play on words combining "pants" and "entrepreneur." According to O'Brien's LinkedIn Page, in real life "pantsapreneur" was just a fun way of saying he owned his own clothing line called Hem Haus.

During his time on the show, O'Brien even gave Bachelorette Andi Dorfman a pair of paisley-print pants from his collection. Though, since his one season of The Bachelorette, O'Brien has stepped back from both the franchise and the "pantsapreneur" life. His Instagram page doesn't note any affiliation with the show and his LinkedIn profile reveals that he closed Hem Haus in 2014. Since then, he's moved on to strategic advisor roles and seems to enjoy spending time in nature.

The Bachelor's Lucy Aragon is still a free spirit

Longtime Bachelor fans remember Lucy Aragon from Season 18 of The Bachelor and Season 1 of Bachelor in Paradise. She famously was dubbed the "free spirit" and while that isn't necessarily an official job title, Aragon still calls herself a free spirit on her Instagram page. In her bio, she also revealed that she's traveled to 92 countries and been to Burning Man 12 times. She isn't afraid to share a clothing-free pic and often uses the hashtag #FreeLikeMe.

According to both her Instagram and her LinkedIn, it looks like Aragon has also dabbled in some modeling since being on The Bachelor. But don't get it twisted, she doesn't consider herself an influencer like many other former contestants. Aragon has dedicated much of her social media to advocating for social justice and equality. She has shared photos attending Black Lives Matter marches and protests against Donald Trump. In her Instagram bio, she writes, "Make everybody feel like a somebody (unless they're racist)."

Tara Kampfer's Bachelor job title isn't so far off from reality

Tara Kampfer (née Eddings) is another proud owner of a strange Bachelor job title, but hers is not so far from reality. On Season 19 of The Bachelor, Tara came on as a "sport fishing enthusiast." While she's also worked as a model in the past, she's still very much a "sport fishing enthusiast" in real life. From the looks of her LinkedIn and Instagram pages, it seems like it's a little more than just a casual hobby.

Tara's LinkedIn page says that since 2013, she's been an "offshore female angler specializing in billfish." Additionally, her Instagram page links out to a fishing gear site called Hooker Electric. Tara frequently shares photos of her latest catches on social media. So while "sport fishing enthusiast" seemed like just another silly Bachelor title, it's not so far off from Tara's real career.

Since her time on The Bachelor, Tara got married to professional hockey player Steven Kampfer and became a parent. She also looks back on her time on the reality show fondly by sharing some throwback clips on Instagram every once in a while.

Victoria Larson is Bachelor Nation's self-proclaimed Queen

When most people hear the word "queen," Queen Elizabeth II usually comes to mind. But throughout season 25 of The Bachelor, Victoria Larson tried to claim the title as her own. Larson took her fake Bachelor job title to new heights. She was carried into the show on a throne, stole a tiara from another contestant, and said she was named after Queen Victoria. She was also famously at the center of a lot of the drama on Matt James' season.

But while Larson claims to be a queen, according to her LinkedIn profile, she's actually a real estate agent, health coach, and former flight attendant. She's also an entrepreneur who's the founder of two companies, Vikki Larson Beauty and JetSetGlo, a mobile spray tanning company. Additionally, her Instagram bio says she's an actress, and yep you guessed it, a queen. She continues to wear tiaras and while she didn't find love on The Bachelor, in her ABC Bio she said she "needs a strong man who can keep up" with her big personality. Sounds about right!

Kelly Travis' Bachelor job title is a total dream career

Not all of the fake jobs on The Bachelor sound like dream jobs (*cough* tickle monster *cough*), but occasionally one pops up that sounds extremely ideal. Kelly Travis on Season 18 of The Bachelor's title was "dog lover." Find a more perfect job, we'll wait. Imagine getting paid just to simply love dogs! Unsurprisingly though, this was another title that was just for fun.

During a 2014 interview with Reality TV World, Travis revealed that her title of being a "dog lover" was "taken out of context." She explained that she did in fact have a real job in business development for construction companies before going on the reality show. Travis told the outlet that the "dog lover" title made fans think that she was unemployed, but it was just more of a hobby than a job. So while being a dog lover wasn't her nine-to-five, Travis said, "I am passionate about animal rescue too and I am a dog lover obviously." Travis still shares her love for dogs on Instagram and in August 2018, she shared this pic of her son and tagged her dog writing, "What kind of professional dog lover misses #nationaldogday? ugh. @mollymoomoney you're forever my numero uno girl." Paw, that's cute.