Actors Who Have No Business Being In Hollywood

Fame occasionally favors those who don't deserve the spotlight. Whether these actors aren't skilled enough to capture an audience or they've just done enough stupid things to overshadow their films, many actors should just leave Hollywood behind and make the world a better place. Here are ten who should take their business elsewhere.

Shia LaBeouf

There was a time when child star LaBeouf was perfectly deserving of his fame, but his outrageous behavior over the last few years indicates that he should probably take a break to regain his sanity. From plagiarising a short film to a string of sarcastic apologies for the theft, followed by a ridiculous "performance art" apology for his behavior, LaBeouf's attention-seeking self-destruction deserves more privacy than attention.

Megan Fox

Fox has never really been noted for her acting abilities, and five Golden Raspberry nominations (and one win) agree. She's admitted to being extremely antisocial, as well as manipulative and distrustful of men, which hasn't earned her any friends on set or among certain parts of the media. Add this to the fact that she's never actually been in a good movie, and there's no reason for her to stick around.

Adam Sandler

Fans of low-brow comedy or high-brow drama might disagree, but Sandler has set world records for the sheer number for terrible films he's starred in, as well as produced with Happy Madison, his production company. Punch Drunk Love aside, Sandler has only one comedic note, and after over 20 years singing the same song, it's time to find a new one. And beg for forgiveness for Jack and Jill.

Kirk Cameron

Despite becoming an evangelical Christian at the age of 17 and choosing to focus on his ministry instead of his acting, Cameron maintains a presence in Hollywood so that he can push forward his personal, anti-human rights politics. Cameron's homophobic statements have all but exiled him from any big-budget film, so his business in Hollywood is all but over already.

Jenny McCarthy

McCarthy is the best example of celebrities misusing their notoriety to spread ignorance. Her vocal, anecdotal stance that vaccines cause autism caused countless people to not vaccinate their children. According to the CDC, this single-handedly caused the recent resurgence of measles. While McCarthy has stated that she's not explicitly anti-vaccine, she's the only celebrity who is an active threat to public health, now that Tila Tequila isn't a thing anymore. This is why you don't take medical advice from a Playmate.

James Franco

A jack of all trades and master of none, Franco fancies himself as far, far more than your ordinary actor: playwright, teacher, visual artist, director, and world-champion squinter, among many other titles he's given himself. Franco has more than enough to fall back on if we never, ever have to see his smug face again.

Kristen Stewart

More mannequin than human, Stewart's wooden performance in the Twilight series and beyond has confounded viewers for years. After cheating on Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson with married director Rupert Sanders, wrecking multiple relationships in one blow, Stewart never really took the time to step away from Hollywood to think about what she did... or to learn to act.

Ashton Kutcher

After Kutcher's recent attempt at a serious role in Jobs (2013), it became clear that he's only good at two things: stoner comedy and bad prank shows, and the world already has too many of both. Stick to Point Place, Kelso.

Rob Schneider

The funniest thing about Schneider is the fact that he still has a career. Because there's no legal limit on failed movies and sitcoms before one is denied acting work, Schneider continues to ruin entertainment for everyone on a regular basis. Worst of all, Schneider took out a threatening full-page attack ad on a reviewer who made a joke about one of his terrible Deuce Bigalow films. Stay classy, Rob.

Michael Cera

There's no denying that Michael Cera has mastered the role of a stuttering, awkward, love-struck pile of mush, but can he do anything else? Hipsters everywhere wet their fashionable pants when Cera suddenly released an "album" on Bandcamp in 2014, completely ignoring the fact that it too was an awkward pile of mush.