Things You Don't Know About Will Smith's Other Son

Because of their eclectic style and strange interviews, most folks know a thing or two about Jaden and Willow Smith, the children of A-listers Will and Jada Pinkett Smith. Jaden's twitter account alone is enough to shine a spotlight on the whole family, with its signature all-caps style and pseudo-existential musings: "Im Not A Person." But there is another Smith child, a half-brother to Jaden and Willow, named Trey Smith. He's Will's son from his first marriage, and he's not nearly the public figure his younger siblings have become. That doesn't mean Trey doesn't have his own stuff going on. After all, it would be unusual to have the "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" for a dad and somehow be leading a boring life. Here's the scoop on the "other" Smith kid. 

He's tight with his siblings

We swear, we'll stop making Trey's life seem like a non-stop comparison to Jaden and Willow after this, but we want to stress that, by all accounts, the three of them seem like a group of siblings who couldn't get along better if they were The Waltons. Trey isn't shy about sharing loving family pics with his bro and sis on social media. Perhaps they all vibe so well because of their shared interest in music. Jaden raps, Willow sings, they all produce, and Trey is a DJ who spins under the name AcE.

As AcE, Trey put out a song with Jaden and Willow in 2012 called "Find You Somewhere," which step-mom Jada directed. Trey also produced Willow's track, "Why Don't You Cry," and cross promotes his own music through Jaden's multifaceted brand, MSFTS. The three Smith kids also collaborated on a touching Mother's Day video for VH1 in which Jaden, of course, had to be weird and compare himself to a painting or something. Seriously, what is it with that kid? Okay, we're done talking about Jaden in this article about Trey. Maybe.

His mother is Sheree Fletcher of Hollywood Exes

Two years into his six-year run with The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Will Smith married Sheree Zampino (now Fletcher). Later that year, 1992, they had Willard Carroll "Trey" Smith III. By 1995, Smith was a bona fide megastar thanks to Bad Boys, but the success was bittersweet, because his marriage was over. In a Facebook video (via the Daily Mail), Fletcher explained that as Will's career grew larger, she felt smaller. They were both too young and immature to handle the responsibilities of married life, she said. Unlike other Hollywood couples, Smith and Fletcher seem to maintain a healthy relationship for the sake of the kids, agreeing to not "use [their] kids as pawns." 

"That's so foolish, because you're taking it out on your child," Fletcher told Marketing Ministry (via BCK). Fletcher went on to star on Hollywood Exes, a VH1 show about famous ex-wives that definitely dips its toe into the cesspool of manufactured reality TV drama. Thankfully, she seems savvy enough to turn on the drama for the cameras, but not take it home with her.

He starred in 'Just the Two of Us'

Even though he's now a DJ and electronic music producer, Trey made his showbiz debut at just 5 years old in Will Smith's music video for "Just the Two of Us." He stood on a prop ship in his little v-neck sweater, saying, "Now dad, this is a very sensitive subject..." It was adorable, and both the song and the video were a huge hit, reaching No. 20 on Billboard's Hot 100. Not to mention, this was back when they still showed music videos on TV, so it was a big deal for Trey to be in it.

Trey's only other acting gigs were a small role on two episodes of a show Will and Jada created called All of Us, and a role in a short called The Speech in which he's credited as "Football Player." So, it's safe to say he never caught the acting bug. It's also worth noting that toward the end of "Just the Two of Us," Jada appears. Will is next to her, smiling and touching her belly. Yep, you guessed it, she is carrying none other than Jaden himself. (Even before he was born, he couldn't help but upstage his big brother.)

He was a high school football star

While attending Oaks Christian High School, a private institution that costs around $30,000 per year to attend, Trey Smith played football. Oaks Christian didn't have just any old football program. According to ABC News, in the team's first ten seasons, it racked up "six district championships and boasts 120 victories, 12 losses and one tie." That's an outstanding record, so for Trey to be one of the team's star wide receivers, he must have been pretty good. He was also playing alongside some other notable celebrity offspring, namely Joe Montana's son, Nick, and Wayne Gretzky's son, Trevor, who were both quarterbacks.

Trey was reportedly "offered a scholarship by FCS Northern Arizona," according to the Daily Mail, but he supposedly turned it down to pursue a career in music. At least, that's what everyone speculated. By the way, why a school felt that offering a scholarship to the son of a guy who earns tens of millions of dollars per movie would be any kind of a lure is beyond us. Now, had FCS Northern Arizona offered to provide a time machine that would have allowed Trey to go back and stop the production of Wild Wild West, then maybe, just maybe, they could have gotten him.

He worked the red carpet ... at age 12

Even though Trey Smith hasn't pursued an acting career, that doesn't mean he wasn't comfortable in front of the camera at a very young age. At 12 years old, Access Hollywood hired him to be a special correspondent, reporting live from the red carpet at the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards. He did a great job flagging down A-list celebs such as Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba, and Lindsay Lohan. Backstage, little Trey even asked Lohan what "stacked" meant in reference to a joke someone told during the show that referenced the female anatomy. It was a funny moment, for sure, especially considering who he asked, but we're willing to bet Jaden knew what "stacked" meant when he was 11. Just sayin'.

He inherited his dad's genetics

Just like his dad, who famously bulked up for roles in I, RobotI Am Legend; and Ali, Trey hits the gym hard. On his Instagram, he's not shy about posting shirtless selfies showing off his ripped physique. He's also posted snaps at the gym putting up some serious weight. Building on the obvious genetic gifts he inherited from his parents, Trey worked with Austin Wheatley, a professional trainer and former pro-footballer who claims he "imparts a cerebral approach to fitness with charisma and infectious optimism." Even if Trey doesn't have any interest in acting or athletics, he's working with someone who could condition him for either pursuit. Although, "cerebral approach to fitness" definitely sounds more like the way Jaden would describe sleeping on a treadmill. (Whoops! We're doing it again. Sorry Trey, your brother is just a funky dude.)

He modeled sneakers that 'defend' creativity

Collaborating with Creative Recreation, a Los Angeles-based sneaker company, and with Quincy Brown, stepson to another megastar by the name of Diddy, Trey become a sneaker model. It seems the progeny of successful cross-platform entertainers are a perfect fit for the company that aims to "inspire, defend, and champion creativity." And because Trey is a Smith, he didn't just show up and have his photo taken while wearing cool kicks. He takes this stuff seriously, man. Trey told Pret-a-Reporter that while working with the shoe company, he'd apply his father's philosophy of "Everything you touch, make it better," which is an admirable notion, but why is he choosing to specifically improve the world of footwear?

"I feel like the shoes I wear each day set a piece of that day's tempo. When I'm DJ'ing I usually like any sleek low profile shoes — when I'm up there on stage I don't want shoes being louder than my mix," he said. Okay, now this all makes perfect sense. Who among us hasn't been in the club just getting jiggy with it only to be completely distracted by the DJ's footwear selection? It's a real evening killer.

He connected with Jada right away

The blended family dynamic can be hard, and Trey Smith was right at the center of that always-awkward moment when the new significant other of a parent enters the picture. Fortunately, it all worked out, as Trey seems to have great relationships with both his biological mom, Sheree Fletcher, and step-mom Jada Pinkett Smith (He adorably calls her his "bonus mother.") But things weren't always so rosy between the two ladies.

On the very first episode of her Facebook show, Red Table Talk, Jada sat down with Sheree for an emotional chat about the good, the bad, and the uncomfortable times. After re-capping the brief power struggle they engaged in as they established their respective roles in Will Smith's life, Sheree revealed that the moment it all changed for her was when Trey finally met Jada, and he "really liked her." It was a breakthrough for the relationships of everyone involved, but particularly for Sheree, who said that she "had [her] doubts" before. Ultimately, both women thanked each other for being great moms to Trey and shed joyful tears together, which we're totally not doing right now. Why did you even think that?

He's really into Dubai

It's tough to tell when Trey Smith became fascinated with Dubai, but if we had to guess, we'd say it was right around February 2014, when his dad took him skydiving there, and he also headlined a show at the VIP Room of the posh city's swanky JW Marriott Marquis Hotel. He headed back to the Middle Eastern oasis the following year to play more shows and to film part of a documentary series called The World Keeps Spinning. "We are taking the world on a journey with us," he told Albawaba Entertainment of the series. "We are taking the world on a musical, primarily fashion, culture, food journey." It's unclear what became of that docu-series, but you'll never guess where Trey was again in October 2018. 

Yep, Dubai, and most of the Smith clan was also along. However, this time it was Bonus Mom's turn to fling herself out of a plane high above the desert. Is this family not aware that, according to The Telegraph, Dubai also has the world's largest mall, which includes "an underwater zoo and an ice skating rink of Olympic proportions?" We're anxiously awaiting those Instagram snaps. 

He's a big gamer

If you're wondering how Trey Smith got his DJ name, AcE, you'll be as disappointed as we were to learn that it wasn't because he's been secretly splicing tiny pieces of Ace of Base hits into every one of his mixes. It actually comes from his first passion: gaming. "I'm a huge Xbox fan so my Xbox gamer tag had AcE in it," Trey told Albawaba Entertainment. "You know, AcE to me means, virtuoso and more than what the dictionary definition of what ace and virtuoso mean, to me I'm AcE because I strive to be that." Fair enough.

It seems Trey's love of gaming took a professional turn in 2018. In September of that year, he became an Xbox partner, took part in something called The #Forzahorizon4 Season Simulator Challenge, and did a collab for the gaming giant with none other than The Backpack Kid. As if the latter didn't solidify Trey's viral bonafides, he also launched a full-time Twitch stream, where fans can watch him play titles such as Fortnite and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 every weeknight "from 5pm – 1am PST."  

So yes, kids, you're reading this right: World-traveling, video-game-playing DJ is a completely viable career path. Just as long as your dad happens to be Will Smith.