Who Is Sebastian Stan's Rumored Girlfriend, Alejandra Onieva?

Alejandra Onieva is potentially one of the luckiest girls in Hollywood, as she's rumored to be dating one of its hunkiest stars — Sebastian Stan. For those who might need a reminder, Stan is a versatile actor who got his start as a heartthrob on Gossip Girl and then made his way to superstardom as Bucky Barnes/the Winter Soldier in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So just who is the lucky woman that has apparently stolen his heart, and when did they allegedly first get together?

According to the Daily Mail, Onieva and Stan began dating in the summer of 2020, as pictures emerged of the couple spending time together in Ibiza, Spain, which just happens to be Onieva's home country. Although the two keep a low profile, the Daily Mail has caught them a few other times out and about, enjoying the sunshine in Tulum, Mexico in November and heading out together in L.A. in December 2020. Keen-eyed observers have seen the two engaging in some PDA, although neither Sebastian Stan nor Alejandra Onieva have confirmed they're dating, and they don't show up on each other's social media. 

That being said, the two have been getting fairly close for being "just friends."

Alejandra Onieva is an up-and-coming Spanish actor and model

Born in Madrid in 1992, as detailed in her IMDb biography, Alejandra Onieva has made her name in Spanish-language shows, notably El secreto de Puente Viejo, a telenovela she was on from 2011 – 2014. Following that, she was on two other TV shows, Ella es tu padre and Presunto culpable. Most recently, she made her way to U.S. audiences on the show High Seas, which premiered on Netflix in 2018. She is currently filming Stories Not to Be Told, another Spanish-language film set in Barcelona. 

She also has a fairly significant social media following. Her Instagram boasts over 265,000 followers, and she often posts images of her modeling endeavors. However, her social media wasn't without controversy. In the summer of 2020, fans took note of a racially insensitive Instagram photo where Onieva appropriated Japanese culture. Sebastian Stan's fans caught wind of the post and urged him via a viral Twitter campaign to make a statement about the situation. Although neither actor publicly commented on the photo, Alejandra Onieva did remove it from her account, as reported by Amo Mama.