Reasons We Never Hear About Justin Bieber's Siblings

We've all heard of Justin Bieber. He's the Canadian cutie that causes mass hysteria wherever he goes — but he's not the only Bieber out there. Although dedicated Beliebers know about his two younger siblings, many others haven't heard of Jaxon and Jazmyn. The two adorable little Biebers are Justin's younger half-siblings that may make a name for themselves one day, but for now they rarely make public appearances. Here are the reasons why we never hear about Jaxon and Jazmyn Bieber.

They're young

Justin dropped his debut single, "One Time," back in 2009. At that time, his brother Jaxon wasn't even born yet and his sister, Jazmyn, was only a year old! They were obviously much too young to understand what Justin was working on or to even think about their own career. Now, he's arguably at the height of his fame and his siblings are only 7 and 8 — still too young to have a grasp on the idea of being famous.

Even though it may be hard for them to understand, it hasn't torn them apart. Despite Justin's massive success, he tries to be there for his siblings as much as he can. He still finds time to bond with them whether it's at the beach or on a shopping spree.

Jaxon's working on his swag

Love him or hate him, Justin has got some serious swag and his little brother is already working on his own. Part of that is because Jaxon is looking more and more like his brother with each passing day. They look so much alike that Entertainment Tonight did a segment about the younger Bieber boy and they referred to him as Justin's "mini-me." To back up their claim, they included Jaxon's first day of school photo which shows his pierced ears and bleached-blond hair. He's the spitting image of the Biebs.

His few Instagram posts show he's developing his own style, perfect for if he ever decides to make his own claim to fame. For his Christmas concert, Jaxon posed like a pro in his Insta photo with the hashtag #jaxoswag. His poses show he's got swag but so does his closet. He's not even 10 and he already has huge designer names like Balmain hanging in his wardrobe. His style and swag are undeniable — he's sexy and he knows it!

Jazmyn's busy being a kid

While Jazmyn may have big dreams, she's happy being a kid for now. She's busy doing kid things, like playing at The Happiest Place on Earth. In 2015, Jazmyn hurt her arm and, to cheer her up, Justin brought her to Disneyland! According to Daily Mail, they rode the Storybook Land Canal Boats and loaded up on snacks while at the theme park. Justin took a selfie with his very happy sister and posted it on Instagram, but when deleted his account in 2016 the photos were also deleted. He did send a shout out to park for their hospitality on Twitter writing, "Great times with family today. Thanks to everyone at Disney for being so kind."

They're perfecting their social media presence

Jazmyn and Jaxon may not be famous yet, but they are social media stars. Jaxon's Instagram has drawn 1.2 million followers and one of his most popular posts has garnered over 1 million views! In the video, he's lip synching by a swimming pool in his swim trunks. Jazmyn's Instagram has 1.3 million followers and her most popular post was her very first one. It's a picture of her wearing a pink tankini on a boat. She's holding hands with her big bro who's shirtless in his swim trunks and it earned over 900K likes!

Neither of them post on their own IG accounts. Both of their bios state that the "account [is] ran by parents/management."

Jazmyn's an ambassador

Since Jazmyn and Jaxon are both on social media, it's important to their father they stay safe. Jeremy ensures they stay safe on the internet with the the help of KidsWifi, a wi-fi network specifically designed for children. According to the website, it "filters, monitors and controls all your kids online devices, from tablets to computers to game consoles — even devices brought by visiting friends!"

Jazmyn has gotten involved with the brand by becoming a kid ambassador. "I love going online and watching videos, searching the web and playing games," she said in her official statement (via Just Jared). "Sometimes there are things that appear that I don't want to see. And that's what KidsWifi takes away. It makes the internet awesome and safe."

They're living a life of luxury

When your brother is one of the world's biggest pop stars, you reap some of the benefits, and the Bieber siblings are definitely living life large. They take lavish vacations that include private boats and expensive Apple products, and they get private VIP tours when they go to Disney. Jaxon's even ridden shotgun in a Lamborghini with his dad (something some adults only dream of!) while Jazmyn is already the proud owner of a gorgeous horse. They don't even need to fly commercial, they're able to take private planes to get to their destinations. Needless to say, the Bieber clan are definitely enjoying a life of luxury!

Jaxon's just getting the hang of red carpets

Jaxon is learning how to pose like a model while working the red carpet, thanks to his big brother. Justin brought the mini BIeber to the MuchMusic Awards as his date back when he was only 2 years old! They walked the carpet with Carly Rae Jepsen and Justin's then girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

Jaxon got the honor of being on Justin's arm once again in 2016 at an even bigger award show, the Grammys. The pair were the talk of the red carpet in their black and white suits. Jaxon gave model-like pouts for the photographers as if he was a seasoned award show pro. Who knows, maybe we'll see him walking an award show carpet by himself one day!

Jazmyn's planning her YouTube channel

Jazmyn may be young, but she's already kickstarting her own career. She created her own YouTube channel and released the teaser trailer to get fans excited for what's to come. In the clip, she wakes up from a deep slumber to realize she's late. "Oh no! I gotta get ready for my show," she exclaims.

She doesn't have time to eat the breakfast her dad's made her for. Instead she puts her helmet on and races out the door to her red four-wheeler (because, obviously, safety first). She rides that to a black SUV, takes the SUV to the golf cart and finally arrives at the barn where her set is all ready for her on-camera moment. "Hi guys! Welcome to the Jazmyn Bieber show. I'm your host, Jazmyn Bieber," she says with a ton of energy before the video asks fans to subscribe.

Whatever she's cooking up on her YouTube channel, we're sure it'll be entertaining. There's definitely more to come from this young girl with a big personality!