Tom Bergeron And Erin Andrews Reunite 8 Months After Being Fired From 'DWTS'

Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews sat down together for the first time since they were fired from Dancing With the Stars, according to Us Weekly. The former co-hosts of the popular dancing competition show were replaced in 2020, according to The Blast. ABC did not give fans a reason for the switch up, simply saying that Bergeron "will forever be part of the 'Dancing With the Stars' family" and offering him their "sincerest thanks and gratitude" for everything he has done to make the "show a success," according to ABC News.

Meanwhile, Andrews got even less of a sendoff, with a simple she will "not be returning" and a "we appreciate all that she brought to the ballroom." Moving forward, ABC hired supermodel Tyra Banks to host the show.

Bergeron seemed to have a good sense of humor about being let go (via Us Weekly), but he and Andrews had not reunited since the news, perhaps due to the restrictions put into place because of the coronavirus pandemic. That has changed now, however, and it sounds like there could be a new joint venture in the works!

Erin Andrews hinted that she and Tom Bergeron are working on something together

Tom Bergeron took to Instagram to share a photo of himself sitting at a table across from Erin Andrews on March 18, 2021. "Reunited & it feels so good," he captioned the pic, adding a winking face emoji and tagging Andrews. He later shared another photo on Instagram, writing "This reunion deserves another post."

Andrews also wanted to share the reunion with her Instagram followers, reposting Bergeron's first picture, and adding a caption of her own. Andrews caption was a bit more telling, however. "Always something in the works," she wrote. 

Fans simply could not contain their excitement, with many hoping that this means that Bergeron and Andrews' reunion was more than just two old friends catching up over cocktails. Several fans filled up the comments section of the post, trying to guess what Bergeron and Andrews could be up to, with many wondering if they would been invited back to Dancing With the Stars. Neither Bergeron nor Andrews shared any more details about what they may have planned for the future, but it's clear that whatever they decide to do, they will have the full support of their fans!