The Bachelor: Tammy Ly's Latest Tweet Is Turning Heads

Matt James' season of The Bachelor may have forever changed the ABC reality franchise, but now contestants from Season 24 are now speaking out against Bachelor Nation itself. 

Tammy Ly once fought for pilot Peter Weber's heart and moved from fan favorite to house villain over the course of the season. According to Refinery29viewers cheered on the "no-nonsense contestant" who was "a delight to watch." Yet all that soured after Tammy criticized Kelsey Weir for allegedly drinking to excess, per People. Tammy went so far as to say Kelsey "had a mental breakdown" over Peter dating other women. People also reported Tammy had an "ongoing feud" with costar Mykenna Dorn. 

Now the outspoken Tammy has taken to social media to voice her thoughts on how the Bachelor franchise and its fans treat Asian-American contestants. Keep scrolling to find out what Tammy had to say on Twitter and which other Bachelor alum agreed! 

Tammy Ly claims Bachelor fans don't count Asian stars as people of color

Tammy Ly tweeted about the racially charged hate that she's endured since speaking out against the lack of equity in Bachelor Nation. "Bachelor fans have commented on my pics & DM'ed me telling me to stop calling myself a POC bc they don't count Asians as POC," Tammy wrote

Previously, Tammy called the franchise fanbase "toxic" and said that it's no surprise alumni are wary of returning. Former star and supposed fellow villain Olivia Caridi replied, "[It's] the absolute worst part of the whole deal." Season 24 costar Shiann Lewis agreed: "Ain't this the truth." 

As for Tammy's thoughts on the upcoming new Bachelorette seasons? "So proud and excited for Katie & Michelle. You both deserve the world," she live-tweeted during After the Final Rose. 

However, some eagle-eyed Redditors also believe that Tammy may be back for Bachelor in Paradise as she teased a summer-long project. Perhaps Tammy will be a leader of change for Bachelor Nation!