Celebrities Who Are Famous For No Reason

Once upon a time, fame was earned through hard work, intelligence and a lot of talent. Today, many celebrities are simply sad accidents created by money and luck. The criteria for becoming America's royalty are nonexistent, and it's resulted in fame for a whole lot of people who just don't deserve it. Here are ten of the worst offenders.

Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt

There are few less deserving of fame than the stars of fake reality programming, but the gross bottom of the faux-celebrity barrel has to be 'Speidi', who emerged from the intellectual cesspool that was The Hills. As completely irrelevant and uneducated human beings, the couple seem to reappear with a new controversy or TV appearance every few months. Kinda like herpes. Worst of all, they stole a perfectly good superhero nickname. Peter Parker is dying of shame.

Guy Fieri

Once, long ago, "celebrity chef" meant something important. Once, Guy Fieri took his culinary studies seriously. Unfortunately, Fieri single-handedly destroyed any respect that the phrase once held, and rather than leveraging his studies of French cuisine, he decided to slobber his way through a fake reality food show and open a notoriously greasy NYC restaurant. His worst offense? Two words: backwards sunglasses.

Donnie Wahlberg

Wahlberg is evidence that if you throw enough money at a bad idea, you might get something that sticks. Sure, Wahlberg may have done some real work in the manufactured boy band New Kids on the Block, but there's absolutely no reason that anyone needs two reality shows starring the old man teen idol. No one wants your dirty burgers, Donnie.

Every Real Housewife

It doesn't matter what state you're from or how much money you've married into, a bad attitude and feuds with other irrelevant millionaires does not justify fame. It does not entitle one to a recording career, or a fashion line, or any other skill that one thinks money can buy. With each housewife more pointless than the last, it's impossible to single one out.

Kim Kardashian

As the queen of undeserved fame, Kim fell ass-backwards into fame after sleeping with her boss' brother and capturing it on film. Accomplishing nothing but being born into wealth and being naked, Kim's active quest for fame without any real accomplishment worked out exactly as she'd planned, because the world is cruel.

The Duggar Family

Squeezing out a huge number of children isn't an accomplishment that deserves attention. Rats pop out 19 babies at a time on the regular, and they don't fill landfills with diapers or take up space on television. Rats are an excellent food source for owls and snakes, and the Duggar family consumes five times what the average family does. On an already overpopulated planet, the Duggars are actively ruining life for future generations.

Jimmy Fallon

Of everyone on this list, Fallon has probably worked the hardest to attain his fame, and he's often called one of the kindest people in showbiz. Alas, fame and kindness do not equal talent. A poor impressionist and an awkward interviewer, Fallon's overly-accessible comedy offers nothing to laugh at, making him the least deserving night show host to hold the honor.

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham

After popping out a baby at the tender age of 16, Farrah and her psychotic mother were a focal point on MTV's Teen Mom, where their unhinged battles thrilled people who failed to find meaning in their own lives. After releasing a failed album and a couple of staged "sex tapes" for publicity, Farrah appeared on Couples Therapy alone after her hired boyfriend bailed on the show. You can't even pay someone to be around her.

Dr. Phil McGraw

'Celebrity psychologist' is another one of those terms that sets the science back by decades. The fame of down-home Doctor Phil is another failed product of the Oprah Winfrey zeitgeist, where his deep-fried nuggets of pseudo-psychology found an audience. Countless lawsuits have spoken to Phil's lack of expertise and character. A real psychologist wouldn't need to pimp out weight loss supplements anyhow.

Grumpy Cat

A photo of a developmentally stunted cat posted on Reddit is the last thing that should inspire a made-for-TV holiday movie. The worst product of an Internet-obsessed culture with no benchmark for actual quality, MSNBC named Grumpy Cat as the "Most Influential Cat" of 2012, because there was apparently no news at all to report that day.