Kathryn Dennis Seemingly Breaks Her Silence On Custody Change

Politician and former reality star Thomas Ravenel has just dealt a fresh blow to Southern Charm belle Kathryn Dennis. For years, the exes have been embroiled in a heated custody battle involving their two children, Kensington Ravenel, 7, and St. Julien Ravenel, 5. Viewers of the popular Bravo TV show have been kept riveted at the mud-slinging, arrests, and visits to drug rehab centers. In fact, the antics of the former couple almost rival Southern Charm itself, and at the moment, Thomas seems to have the upper hand. 

An attorney for Thomas shared the shocker that Kathryn has temporarily lost custody of their kidsBefore the February 2021 decision, she and Thomas had joint 50/50 custody. Now, "Ms. Dennis currently has weekend, daytime supervised visitation with the parties' minor children," the statement to People read. As if that isn't enough to deal with, the mom-of-two may face new difficulties, as her ex plans on moving. The attorney's statement reveals that "Mr. Ravenel plans to relocate with the children to Aiken, South Carolina this summer." Talk about uprooting the family!

Up until now, Kathryn has kept mum about the events, though she did share a snap of her and Saint on March 22, 2021, and another of her and Kensie on March 11. However, the Southern belle may have finally opened up, taking to social media about how she feels about the court decision. Keep scrolling to find out her current state of mind.

Kathryn Dennis lashes out at the "system"

Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis lost joint custody of her and Thomas Ravenel's children. A court ruled in late February that she could only have daytime supervised access to her kids over the weekend. For a while, Kathryn didn't share her side of the story. However, the day before Kensie's 7th birthday, Kathryn may have finally broken her silence. The blonde stunner took to Twitter and wrote an enigmatic message. "It's time to start advocating for the people who get manipulated by the legal system," she wrote. Could she have been referring to herself?

Neither Thomas nor Kathryn have addressed the court's decision about why he was awarded temporary custody. The attorney's vague statement to People only reads, "Due to the sensitive nature of the issues involved, all documents in this case have been sealed, meaning the public cannot access them, and neither Mr. Ravenel, Ms. Dennis, nor their respective attorneys are permitted to release them to third parties." 

With all this secrecy surrounding the custody change, it seems as if there may be new evidence that the general public knows nothing about. However, their past behavior could indicate that it won't be long before someone spills the beans. So, grab a cuppa tea and watch the saga unfold — but, hopefully, not on the adorable Kensie's birthday.