Danielle Busby Is Still Looking For An Answer To Her Mystery Health Issues

Danielle Busby stole the hearts of TLC viewers when she introduced her unique family on OutDaughtered in 2016.

Her journey began like many others'. In 2011, she and husband Adam Busby welcomed their first child, Blayke, per Four years later, the happy couple was ready to expand the family.

However, what looked like a normal experience in the life of young parents proved to be anything but. Overnight in 2015, the family went from "party of three" to "party of eight" when Danielle gave birth to quintuplets — all girls. Olivia, Ava, Hazel, Parker, and Riley are the only all-girl quintuplets in the country, according to Us Weekly.

TLC has been documenting their lives for eight seasons, showing all the cuteness, laughs, tears, hard work (and yes, controversy) that goes into raising six daughters. While having quintuplets is most definitely rare, the gene for having multiples runs in Danielle's family. According to Distractify's report, Danielle has twin sisters herself, Crystal Mills and Ashley Mowbray, who are often featured on the show.

While raising six young daughters is as much fun as it is a challenge, Danielle and Adam have been struggling through issues unrelated to their bunch. For the past several months, the young mother has been trying to find an answer to a mystery health issues. Keep reading to learn about the latest update on her health.

Danielle Busby doesn't feel 'better or cured'

Adam Busby took his wife to the hospital in November 2020 when Danielle Busby felt symptoms that she compared to those of a heart attack, she told Us Weekly on March 23, 2021.

The reality TV star felt a numbness spreading through her arms and legs, coupled with feeling short of breath. Danielle described being unable to go up the stairs or pick anything up, according to the report.

Danielle noted that she had been feeling off for about a year at that point, when she decided it was time to seek the help of a professional. Since the initial trip to the doctor, she has experienced "a lot more pain and physical" abnormalities, per Us Weekly.

Danielle has seen a cardiologist, rheumatologist and a gastroenterologist, but has not received a definitive diagnosis. "I'm still on that path to some type of discovery," she told the publication, adding that she stills doesn't feel "better or cured."

In an Instagram post from Jan. 7, 2021, Danielle updated her 1.9 million followers on her health, thanking them for their prayers after it turned out she didn't need surgery.

"This doesn't mean this is the end to my current struggles," Danielle wrote in the caption. "More test[s], lead to more doctors... but still no clear answer at the moment of what's going on. Please understand, I am in the window of uncertainty and I only feel comfortable sharing as much as this. I will continue to share as more things start to unfold."