Jordyn Woods Is Nearly Unrecognizable With Her New Look

Jordyn Woods loves changing up her look! It seems like no week is the same when it comes to hair colors and styles for the 23-year-old model. She's currently rocking a platinum blonde lace-front wig, and fans are going wild.

Fans flooded Twitter in support of her new hair, calling Woods a "pretty queen." One supporter even went so far as to say, "It's your world and we're just living in it." Woods continued to get showered with praise, with a fan saying she was an "Effortless beauty." She should write these kind words on a bathroom mirror one day!

It's pretty obvious her followers are obsessed with her lighter locks, but Woods dropped a bombshell when asked if her new look would stick around, according to Page Six. "I probably won't," she said. "I love being blond, but I just can't do the lace front thing and workout."

Keep reading to see who else could be a fan of Woods' new look.

No matter Jordyn Woods' hair color, Karl-Anthony Towns treats her 'like a queen'

You can see Jordyn Woods' new blonde look above. As it turns out, she actually has been a blonde before, and it's possible that she went back to a lighter hue for boyfriend Karl-Anthony Towns. He and Woods have been a couple since September 2020, and it appears they are crazy in love, via People.

"My love for her knows no bounds and I would be remiss if I don't acknowledge the power a good woman can have in your life," Towns, who plays for the NBA's Minnesota Timberwolves, said. "Men, treat your woman like a Queen so she can treat you like a King."

Towns definitely treats his girlfriend like royalty, and her birthday in September 2020 was no exception. He gifted her two Hermès Birkin bags, a crystallized Chanel purse, and an autographed Michael Jordan jersey, according to Us Weekly. From the way this love story is unfolding, it sounds like a big engagement ring is in Woods' future!