What You Don't Know About Jodie Comer

Jodie Comer has certainly made her mark on the entertainment industry. Over the years, she's managed to win over fans with roles on Thirteen and The White Princess, and, yes, that was her you briefly spied as Rey's mom in Star Wars: Episode IX — The Rise of Skywalker, per IMDb. Of course, if you've seen Comer onscreen, then there's a very good chance that you know her as Villanelle. Landing the role of the captivating assassin on Killing Eve alongside fellow phenomenal star Sandra Oh, Comer thrilled viewers with her character's enviable wardrobe, chilling vibe, and seemingly endless on-point accents. Frankly, Town & Country noted in 2019 that she "is quickly emerging as one of the most talented actors of her generation."

Yet there's so much more to Comer than what you see onscreen. According to her Instagram feed, she's also someone who is perfectly willing to try out a new look, definitely loves to enjoy herself, and adores her brother, which is super sweet. Beyond that, the star insists on being protective when it comes to the personal side of her life. "It's important for my family and having a boyfriend who isn't in the public eye; it can be very strange and surreal," she told Net-A-Porter in November 2020. "I'm very cautious of what I bring into my family's life; it's a safety thing."

At the same time, Jodie Comer isn't afraid to open up about certain fun facts about her life, which you may not have known about.

Jodie Comer still lives with her parents

Jodie Comer has established herself as a successful star, so you might assume that she's based herself out of London, New York, or Los Angeles. But instead, when she's not traveling for work, she still lives at home in Liverpool with her parents and brother. In fact, she told The Times, "I'd live with my mum and dad till I was old and grey if I could."

During the coronavirus-related lockdown in 2020, Comer opened up to Net-A-Porter about living with her family. "There's nothing better than being at home, with my mom, my dad, and my brother on the couch, and us all watching TV," she said. The actor added that she still likes to have other kinds of fun with her sibling, revealing that they "got some garden games, like badminton, to play over the washing line." She admitted, "We were like kids again, having to knock at the neighbor's door, like 'Can you throw the ball back over?'" Comer also explained that while she loves the fact that she "spend[s] a lot of time" by herself, she also noted that she "feed[s] off other people a lot." That's why she says, "Going home is like a big warm hug."

Frankly, the star is so attached to her idyllic home life, that she even eats her mother's Sunday roast on set. Honestly, this delicious-looking food might just be another reason why Comer's not eager to leave home anytime soon.

She has a famous best friend

Jodie Comer isn't the only famous figure in her friend group. It turns out that she's besties with Katarina Johnson-Thompson, who is a "world champion heptathlete," according to NewsChain. If you're unfamiliar with that particular pursuit, a heptathlete competes in heptathlons, which World Athletics explains is the "ultimate all-round test" and includes "a seven-event contest covering the whole range of athletics disciplines" over the course of two days. Specifically, that means tackling "100m hurdles, high jump, shot put, and 200m" on the first day, and then "the long jump, javelin, and 800m" on the second.

Comer excitedly celebrated her BFF's status on Instagram in October 2019, posting a photo of Johnson-Thompson in an emotional state along with the caption, "World champion right there!!!!!!! We couldn't be prouder of you @johnsonthompson. Your hard work and dedication shows no limits. Soak it all up. You're the best... it's actually official. (always has been)!"

Comer and Johnson-Thompson "have been best pals since going to school together in Liverpool," per Stylist, and their friendship has endured into their adult years. Even when they have to spend time apart — probably because they're both so successful in their individual careers — it seems to just make them appreciate when they're able to get back together. That appeared to be the case in August 2017, when Comer popped up a pic of herself and Johnson-Thompson, writing, "Reunited and feels soooooooo good. ... I LOVE YOU @johnsonthompson." Aww!

Jodie Comer is a big fan of Bruce Springsteen

Jodie Comer may adore her friends, but there's someone else she's pretty darn fond of: Bruce Springsteen. She's such a fan of the singer that her Instagram bio even includes a line from The Boss' song "Dancing in the Dark." It reads: "You can't start a fire worrying about your little world falling apart."

While that might make you think that you can guess what her favorite Springsteen song is, she actually considers "Red Headed Woman," "If I Should Fall Behind," and "Secret Garden" to be her top picks, according to the Los Angeles Times. Comer even has photos of the singer on her phone... shirtless photos. Admittedly though, she may have saved those pics when she was less than sober. "I woke up ... with a hangover and I went onto Google," the actor recalled. "Do you ever do that when you've been on a night out? Like, go to your phone and are like, oh my God, what was I searching last night? ... Don't remember that one."

If that didn't make Comer's status as a hardcore Springsteen fan obvious enough, when asked by Channel Guide Magazine what her dinner party guest list would look like if she could invite anyone at all ("dead or alive"), she easily admitted, "Bruce Springsteen, my No. 1 forever, and my nana Frances, and that's all I need." Comer may get to enjoy that dinner with Springsteen thanks to how far she's come.

This Killing Eve actor went from the supermarket to stardom

There are quite a few stars who have worked normal jobs both before and after they found fame. Frankly, you never know if the person who cuts your grass will soon be the next big thing in the music industry, or if the gas station attendant you see every week will go on to win an Oscar. One celebrity who used to make money via a regular job is Jodie Comer, who once paid her bills by helping people buy food and enjoy a few drinks. While the actor was still chasing stardom, she "worked at Tesco [supermarket] in West Derby," according to The Liverpool Echo. At the same time, she had a second part-time job at night, which saw her "working in a bar collecting glasses."

While not everyone would be keen on acknowledging the arguably less-than-glamorous gigs that they've had in the past, Comer isn't ashamed to talk about her background or the effort that is apparently required from someone who was in her position. She explained in February 2021 (via the Mirror), "Especially coming from a working-class background, there is the notion that you are going to have to work much harder to be successful." 

Even so, Comer's hard work has paid off. Although, to be honest, the actor may not have as much money as you might assume.

Jodie Comer's fortune is relatively modest

When it comes to the stars of Killing Eve, you might be impressed to find out that the show's lead, Sandra Oh, is worth a whopping $25 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. As for Jodie Comer, her fortune isn't nearly as big. Frankly, it's a lot smaller at a relatively modest (yet still enviable to many) $3 million.

That's not bad for someone who was once kicked out of a "Chicago-inspired routine" by a group of other kids, according to InStyle. However, as it turns out, Comer actually "credits being dumped by her friends from their talent-show dance group when she was 12 as the reason she has any success at all." Why is that? Well, her "mom persuaded her to perform a monologue" that wowed those who were watching. Because of that, her teacher had the young performer try out for a gig with BBC Radio, and as a result, a future star was born!

Although Comer's childhood peers didn't seem to have much confidence in her, the actor's mom and teacher obviously did. And yet, the star herself explained during a February 2021 event for the Girls Up campaign (via the Mirror), "For me personally, self-belief counts for a lot, and perseverance." If Comer continues to put as much value on her own confidence as she seems to now, then the value of her fortune will surely continue to rise along with her star.