Whatever Happened To Below Deck's First Chief Stewardess, Adrienne?

Below Deck has seen many yachties come and go, and one of the most prominent ones of all was the first season's chief stew, Adrienne Gang. She left after Season 1, although she did make an appearance in a later season when she befriended guests on an outing and ended up at dinner on the yacht, with some of her former enemies having to serve her. It was awkward to say the least. Adrienne notably ran a tough ship, much like Kate Chastain and Hannah Ferrier after her, but she has taken issue with the way that the show has evolved without her presence, as fleeting as it was. 

She told Dockwalk, an industry magazine, a year after she left that she didn't like how the crew was able to talk smack about the difficult guests in their confessional interviews, adding that she thinks it amounts to "bullying." Adrienne reflected, "What made the first season really good was that it was genuine conflict among people who were trying to learn each other. I think it was very authentic... We shattered the glass wall on the fact that crew really have drama. [Our owners] aren't stupid, but we all did a magnificent job and managed to keep it together in front of the guests."

But overall, Adrienne has moved on (kind of) from her Below Deck days. 

Adrienne Gang is now a chef

After leaving Below Deck behind, Adrienne Gang married Andrew Danks and has continued to work on yachts. But not on the interior team. In fact, many people don't know this but before being cast on Below Deck, Adrienne actually worked in the galley and these days, she's primarily a yacht chef. She told Bravo's Daily Dish in 2016, "I work on several different boats. I used to work permanent, but now I just freelance, and I'm able to do a lot more and take care of these other project. Still do a lot of charters, still do a lot of freelancing, but I'm a chef, primarily."

In addition to chef-ing on yachts, she also heads up catering at major retreats and even worked as a chef at Burning Man one year, per the same report. She told Bravo that her experience in the kitchen explains her rapport with Below Deck chef Ben Robinson when they were on the show together. "I think my culinary background made our communication a little bit easier because I understood a lot more about what he was trying to do. And some others wouldn't have that experience because they don't speak that same language," Adrienne said. 

Adrienne Gang still loves 'Below Deck'

As much as Adrienne Gang says she doesn't like the way that Below Deck has evolved since her time on the show, she definitely still tunes in. As of 2021, she was actually recapping the show for a website and tweets often as she's watching. She told the Daily Dish that it was hard to stay away.

"I think at one point I considered not watching it, but it's just silly because I talk to so many people about it, so it's weird to not know what's going on. It still surprises me that people pay enough attention to the show to stop me on the street and say hi. It's very cool," she said. 

While she might think the tenor of the show has changed since Season 1, it's clear that Adrienne is very much a Bravolebrity at heart. And now that she's working as a yacht chef, who's to say she can't return to the show one day as a replacement chef?