What The Actor Who Played Big Red In Bring It On Looks Like Now

Bring It On was one of the most iconic movies of the early 2000s. The film — which has led to five direct-to-DVD sequels and even a Broadway musical featuring songs from Hamilton's Lin-Manuel Miranda, per Variety — highlighted cultural appropriation before it became the norm. Additionally, it did so in a way that was easily digestible, as two competitive cheerleading squads from opposite sides of town battle one another for the national championship. But that's not all.

Torrance (played by Kirsten Dunst) finds out a dirty secret when she becomes captain of the Toros cheer squad her senior year of high school. Instead of the former head cheerleader coming up with the team's nationals-winning routines herself, Torrance discovers that she stole the routines from the East Compton Clovers, an all-Black squad headed by Isis (played by Gabrielle Union). Struggle upon struggle ensues, and the two teams that were initially at odds with one another eventually develop a mutual respect. 

Although Bring It On launched Dunst into superstardom and solidified Union as a household name, it also served to help the supporting cast, as well. The former cheer captain, Big Red, who stole the Clovers' routines was none other than Lindsay Sloane, a big name among teenagers. Bring It On was just one of her many projects — she had been acting for 10 years prior to the release of the film and was most well-known for playing Valerie Birkhead on Sabrina the Teenage Witch, per Insider — and she has not stopped working since its release.

Lindsay Sloane doesn't look much different now

Big Red, aka Lindsay Sloane, continued acting after her stint in Bring In On. After leaving Sabrina the Teenage Witch in 1999, Sloane landed guest appearances on The West Wing and That '70s Show before landing the gig of Big Red, according to IMDb. After starring in the iconic film, Sloane continued to pursue work in television, earning leading roles on shows like the reboot of The Odd Couple, Playing House, and even guest-starring roles on Psych and Weeds, as detailed in her biography on Paramount+. She has also made her way into feature films, appearing in Horrible Bosses, its sequel Horrible Bosses 2, and The Other Guys

Most recently, she filmed Endings, Beginnings alongside Shailene Woodley, Sebastian Stan, and Jamie Dornan. She has also appeared to recognize the successes of her previous shows and series, posting about Bring It On on the 20th anniversary of its release in theaters and promoting a Playing House reunion which took place on March 23, 2021. Clearly, the Rancho Carne curse has not plagued Sloane's career in the years since!