Rock Stars You Didn't Know Had Gorgeous Daughters

Rock stars always seem to end up with the most beautiful women, don't they? So it makes sense that a number of musicians have welcomed stunning daughters of their own. Call it sweet payback! Some of these ladies have followed in the footsteps of their famous dads and pursued music, while others have branched off on different career paths. Have a closer look at these rockers who you may not know had gorgeous daughters. Look out world, there's a whole new crew of bright women poised to take over the world.

Gavin Rossdale

The journey to fatherhood wasn't easy for Bush singer and guitarist Gavin Rossdale. In fact, he didn't learn Daisy Lowe was his daughter until she was 14—and after he agreed to do a paternity test. As the story goes, Daisy is the result of a one-night-stand with friend Pearl Lowe, who claims (according to an excerpt from her memoir All That Glitters via the Daily Mail) Gavin was difficult to pin down for the DNA test.

In 2015, Daisy told The Guardian the paternity drama gave her mixed emotions. "I was so happy the day I found out Gavin was my dad," she says. "I'd always looked up to him. But it was still a sh*tshow to get over it. There's no handbook." In October 2017, the 28-year-old model made headlines for a racy ad campaign for Agent Provocateur.

Richie Sambora

Richie Sambora made a name for himself as a guitarist for the legendary rock band Bon Jovi. Even after droves of nominations, awards, and millions of records sold around the world, Richie's greatest work remains his daughter, Ava, born in 1997 to mom, actress Heather Locklear.

In March 2016, and 18-year-old Ava made big waves during a photoshoot for 138 Water on the sandy beaches of Malibu. Since then, her star power has been on the rise, and she's even landed some acting gigs, including a starring role in Judd Apatow's This is 40 (2012) and the reality TV series SummerBreak3 (2015-16).

"I'm so proud of her because when I was 16, I was on a beach, cutting school and playing frisbee and playing guitar," Richie told Access Hollywood. "She's very, very focused. She's really a good kid. I pride myself on being a good dad."

Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper's career as a rock star spans more than 50 years. He sold millions of records and rightfully earned a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but do you know he's also a father to daughters Calico Cooper and Sonora Cooper? He's largely kept them out of the spotlight.

Aspiring actress Calico told Entertainment Focus in 2013 that her family "never went the reality show route so people expect me to be what they see on TV with other celeb families. I won't get seen for serious projects just because of the legacy a lot of my peers have left on reality shows." She said she needs to overcome the "entitled kid" stereotype and "go out of the way to prove myself as an actor and a person. I have to be that much better."

According to IMDb, her acting credits include the TV series Bloomers (2011-18), lHawaii Five-O (2015), and The Normal Ones (2018).

Steven Tyler

Eccentricity is his middle name. As the frontman of Aerosmith, Steven Tyler is known for his wild, soaring vocals and outlandish style. Most fans have heard of his daughter, actress Liv Tyler, with model Bebe Buell. Fewer know he's the proud papa of two other daughters: Mia Tyler, whose mom is the late Cyrinda Foxe, and Chelsea Tallarico, whose mom is designer Teresa Barrick.

Childhood reportedly wasn't easy for Liv. "You know that relationship is still sort of hard," a 31-year-old Liv told Wonderland magazine in 2011. "He's very busy, my dad. He's not around very much; it's sort of hard being the daughter of a rock star. There's definitely, at times... it can be painful... especially for me." She added, "I really wish he was around more."

Despite their challenging upbringings, all three daughters have forged successful careers in the entertainment industry.

Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart—British gentleman, rock star...and father of three daughters. Sure, many have heard of Kimberly Stewart (she's made plenty of headlines of her own), but few know Ruby and Renee Stewart.

Ruby began her career as a model, according to The Sun, walking in London Fashion Week for Karen Walker in 2005 and lingerie brand Ultimo in 2007. After a brief spell in the fashion world, she branched out into music, following in the footsteps of her father. Today, along with Alyssa Bonagura, she's part of the country-rock band The Sisterhood. As she told the Scottish Sun, she's learned a lot from her dad about the music business, including how to deal with some of the mental challenges that are a part of the industry. "And he also trained me to treat yourself like an athlete and think of your voice as a muscle," she said.

Renee is working her angles too. At the time of this writing, she's signed to Chadwick Models.

Lionel Richie

Lionel Richie is an international superstar. The former Commodores singer has sold more than 100 million albums worldwide and has won five Grammys and 16 American Music Awards. Over time, the family name also grew synonymous with his daughter, Nicole Richie who took reality TV by storm with her pal Paris Hilton in The Simple Life (2003-07).

In recent years, yet another Richie has stormed the Hollywood scene. Little sister Sofia Richie stirred up a buzz when she was spotted with pop star Justin Bieber in Japan in August 2016, just days before her 18th birthday. At one point, Sofia said she wanted to be a singer too. "When I was 13, I was saying that I wanted to be signed to a label," she told Entertainment Tonight. "I was begging my dad to get me signed with somebody." He turned her down, but she's cool with that now. "I was determined that I was so ready, and I was in the perfect spot to do all these crazy things. But I just needed to grow up and learn about life and that wasn't going to be as easy I thought it was going to be." At the time of this writing, she's establishing a career as a model.

Eddie Money

Eddie Money is the man behind '70s and '80s hits "Two Tickets to Paradise" and "I Wanna Go Back." His daughter, Jesse Money, wants to climb the charts too. "I'm doing classic rock, doing a couple cover songs," she told Detroit radio station WOMC. She's even covered her father's song "Drivin' Me Crazy."

Dad and daughter have even hit the road and the stage together. "The great thing is that I'm taking my daughter Jesse on the road with me these days," he told Pop Dose in 2008. "She's a miracle. We do a couple duets, she sings 'Turtle Blues' by Janis [Joplin], it's a lot of fun. She's a great singer—I think she's gonna go far." Jesse also famously had a short stint on the 2008 MTV show Rock the Cradle about growing up with rock-star parents.

Lenny Kravitz

One might think it's tough for rocker Lenny Kravitz to carve out quality time with his daughter. Fortunately for Zoe Kravitz, that's not the case. Lenny told the Wendy Williams Show that watching Sex and the City "was like our father-daughter television time." And when it comes to dating, Lenny says he taught his kid how to be a player. "She learned the game," he quipped to Wendy. "[Men] need to know if they can handle her... She's my best friend. If she wasn't my kid, I'd love her the same."

Zoe is a model and an accomplished actress use roles include big titles such as the Emmy-winning Big Little Lies (2017) and the Oscar-winning Mad Max: Fury Road (2015).

Mick Jagger

The Rolling Stones frontman has eight kids. Among them is daughter Georgia May Jagger, whose making a name for herself through modeling gigs with Hudson Jeans and Rimmel London. In 2010, she described her rock-n-roll father's parenting style to Harper's Bazaar. "He always wanted me to do my best," she said. "I'm quite dyslexic in school. My dad let me figure out what I wanted to do on my own. My parents never really lecture me." As for her head-turning style, she says she sometimes raids her dad's closet, but "just '60s and '70s stuff."

Beyond the superficial, Georgia said her father has informed her character. "I think my father taught me that the lines on your face and the things that are wrong with you represent how much you've lived and enjoyed life rather than what is bad about you," she told Allure. "Neither of my parents buy into that plastic-surgery culture."

Billy Joel

Billy Joel is a world-class piano man and the sixth highest-record selling artist of all time, according to the Recording Industry Association of America. His daughter, Alexa Ray Joel, is making her mark on the industry too. The daughter of Joel's ex-wife, model Christie Brinkley, Alexa has released a number of singles over the years and an EP in 2006.

Her journey into adulthood has included its challenges. According to Ladies Home Journal (via People), Alexa nearly overdosed on pills in 2009 after a bad breakup. "Your job as a parent is to listen," Brinkley said. "And to dole out as much love as you can. That includes tough love. I told Alexa, 'You got yourself worked into such a tizzy. You need to examine that, you need to seek professional advice."

In recent years, Alexa has made headlines more in tune with her mom's profession than her dad's. She appeared in the famed Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition in 2017.

Phil Collins

Phil Collins is a music legend. He's an accomplished singer, songwriter, and producer who's even won an Oscar, but you may not realize that accomplished actress Lily Collins is his daughter. You may know her from The Blind Side (2009) and Mirror Mirror (2012).

Lily insists that her famous connections didn't help her career. "My dad never made a call on my behalf to anyone–not to a producer, a director or a casting agent," she told the Daily Mail. "I didn't want to land an audition because I was 'The daughter of...' I never wanted to give anyone the opportunity to say, 'You only got the role because of who you are.'"

Here's another fun fact: Phil's hit song, "You'll Be in My Heart," from the Disney film Tarzan (1999), was written for Lily. "We grew up watching Disney shows and movies together, so that was his way of kind of being able to do it for his kids," she told Harrick Connick Jr. (via People). "It was so special."

Keith Richards

Let's face it, Keith Richards is famous for his partying and drug days. According to Britain's Express, Keith spent decades of his life addicted to drugs, including heroin. This Rolling Stone guitarist even famously said he snorted his own father's ashes, mixed with cocaine.

With such an animalistic lifestyle, you might be surprised to find he's been awfully strict with his two youngest daughters, models Theodora and Alexandra Richards. "Dad could be strict with us, and it was often over small things such as 'No singing at the dinner table,' or 'No lipstick till you're 16,'" Theodora told the Sunday Times. "When it came to boyfriends, he was usually great, but there were ones who were too scared to talk to him or just too eager. When I was 16, I'll never forget the time he said to one of them, 'Cut it out, or I'll cut it off.'"


Bono, born Paul David Hewson, is not only a rocker but a world-class philanthropist, and his two daughters, Jordan and Eve Hewson, have begun forging their own paths.

According to Fortune, Jordan is a businesswoman and an entrepreneur in the tech field. She's behind the app Speakable. "My dad is a good resource, but I try to keep him away from the company as much as possible," she said.

Eve is making her mark in Hollywood, earning roles in the TV series The Knick (2014-15) and in films such as Bridge of Spies (2015) and Paper Year (2017). Though she's becoming a fixture in Tinseltown, Eve thinks of her dad and mom, Ali Hewson, as the real party animals. "My parents are way more fun than me and my siblings. We're always like, 'What restaurant are you going to? Whose party is that? Can we hang out with your friends?'" she quipped to The Telegraph.

Simon Le Bon

In the '80s, Duran Duran had a cult-like following and lead singer Simon Le Bon was every girl's pop crush, so perhaps it's only fitting that his daughter, Amber Le Bon, became a model. She's walked the runway for famous fashion houses such as Chanel and Mark Fast and worked on campaigns for Diesel, Forever 21, and Smash Box.

"I don't really see myself as a socialite or as a 'child of someone,'" Amber told Talter magazine (via British Vogue). "I'd rather be working than going to fashion parties all the time. Being put in a group, I hate that. I don't think anyone likes it. Everyone just wants to be their own person."

Gene Simmons

KISS singer Gene Simmons is a certified rock star with a crazy past and the legion of groupies to prove it, but it's his daughter, Sophie Simmons, who's now generating buzz in the modeling and music worlds. When a 24-yer-old Sophie stripped down to her bra and underwear for the Adore Me lingerie ad campaign in 2016, the Daily Mail said her curves caused such a controversy about potential Photoshopping that she responded via a since-deleted Instagram: "I was not altered to be smaller or bigger," she said. "Once you thought I was too fat, then too thin, now you think I'm fake... I worked really hard for this body and I love it, that's all that matters."

In 2012, Sophie auditioned for the X Factor but was cut after auditions. "I am not going to give up. My parents told me not to quit and this will only make me stronger and push me to try new things," she told The Hollywood Reporter. That persistence paid off in 2015, when Sophie released a cover of Sixpence None The Richer's "Kiss Me." The song was released on the record label that signed KISS decades ago, reported Billboard.

Girls run the world

From Zoe Kravitz and Lily Collins taking over Hollywood, to Georgia May Jagger and Theodora and Alexandra Richards burning up the runways, there's no stopping these women. They've tapped into their abilities to capture audiences and make mountains of cash. Only time will tell if the daughters of yesterday's rockers will outshine and out-influence their parents. If talent is any measure, there's a good chance they'll steal the spotlight.