90 Day Fiance: Inside Tim And Veronica's Relationship Today

90 Day Fiancé fans sometimes find themselves rooting for engaged couples to call it quits. Take Season 8's Amira Lollysa and Andrew Kenton: Their rollercoaster relationship was at times difficult to watch, and viewers quickly sided with Amira amid the broken engagement. 

Yet for Tim Malcolm and Jeniffer Tarazona, their awkwardness wasn't even a question. Tim was too nervous to make a move on model Jeniffer while he was visiting her in Colombia, and on top of everything, Tim was still linked to his former fiancé Veronica Rodriguez. Although Jeniffer and Tim ultimately called it quits, Tim and Veronica's relationship is still going strong. 

The Pillow Talk stars dated for nine years before becoming engaged. However, after only seven months the couple opted to break their engagement. Tim remains a father figure to Veronica's daughter Chloe from a previous relationship. Tim told Us Weekly in 2019 that despite fans wanting him and Veronica to rekindle their romance, they're better just as pals. "Romantically we're not a good fit," he revealed. "But we're great friends and we are good parents to Chloe." So what is their relationship like today? Keep scrolling to find out!

Tim and Veronica are still BFFs

Tim Malcolm and Veronica Rodriguez are strictly platonic. In July 2020, Tim shared a throwback photo of the then-couple on Instagram. "We were engaged, full of life and happy...and now as friends even happier," he captioned. In fact, both Tim and Veronica are dating other people. 

Veronica started dating financial businessman Grant Glaser in December 2019, per Screen RantTim also has found love with his new Colombian girlfriend Linda Ramirez, Screen Rant also reported. Even though Tim and Veronica are exes, they have no problem spilling dating tips together and discussing their post-breakup friendship. 

The two also remain connected due to Veronica's daughter, Chloe, who Tim sees as his own even though he's not the biological dad. "I am still shocked that my little baby girl is not a little baby anymore," Tim captioned for Chloe's 14th birthday in November 2020. "I'm so proud of the young women you have become and I love you with all my heart!" It's safe to say while they may be unconventional, Tim and Veronica are no doubt a 90 Day Fiancé success story.