Who Is DMX's Fiancee, Desiree Lindstrom?

Reports indicate that rapper DMX is in critical condition after a drug overdose left the hip-hop star unresponsive on April 2, 2021. As fans and friends await word on the music icon's health, many are concerned about DMX's fiancee Desiree Lindstrom, the mother of his 5-year-old son, Exodus. Just a few days before DMX's overdose, Lindstrom posted a photo of the couple on Instagram, writing, "My fiancé! I love u..."

According to TMZ, sources close to the rap artist claim that the overdose happened around 11 p.m. ET on April 2, 2021 at DMX's home in New York. Sources told the outlet that the alleged OD triggered a heart attack. TMZ reported that DMX has struggled with drug addiction for years and "has been to rehab several times." The rapper's last visit to rehab was in 2019.

New York radio station Hot 97 gave an update about the music icon and his fiancee on March 31, 2021, reporting on the couple's "low-key life," sharing, "DMX and his fiancé Desiree Lindstrom are one of hip hop's favorite couples!" Keep reading to learn more about DMX's fiancee.

DMX proposed to Desiree Lindstrom at a birthday party

Hip-hop icon DMX proposed to his then-girlfriend Desiree Lindstrom at their son's third birthday party. As of April 2021, the couple has been together for more than eight years and engaged for almost two. The couple shares a 5-year-old son Exodus, who is DMX's youngest child. Lindstrom kept a low profile before dating DMX and, despite their long-term relationship, Lindstrom has essentially remained out of the spotlight.

In a recent story about the beloved celebrity couple, Hot 97 noted that DMX and Lindstrom are "unproblematic and live a low-key life." Lindstrom adores her 50-year-old fiance, calling DMX a "wonder man and father." In an Instagram post from February 2020, Lindstrom wrote, "Their bond and love is all I could of wanted out of my life as being a mother... thank u God for such a blessing for sending me a wonderful man that is a wonderful father to our son."

Lindstrom's social media accounts reflect her love for DMX and her son. Her posts are sweet and heartbreaking in light of the news about DMX. Just three days before DMX's alleged overdose, Lindstrom posted an adorable video in the car with Exodus. Lindstrom posted on Instagram, "He's the best baby in the world just fits right in with his mommy and daddy! We love u wubba."

Desiree and DMX have a very close relationship

Desiree Lindstrom has been by DMX's side for years and her Instagram is littered with sweet posts celebrating their love. Case in point: Lindstrom couldn't wait to celebrate DMX's birthday in 2020. She uploaded a photo of the two of them with this sweet caption: "SCREAMING HAPPY BIRTHDAY...to my friend, my baby zaddy lol, my FIANCÉ! I love u to the moon and back," she wrote. and I know u love me too, to the moon and back regardless of what anybody thinks! This year has been full of surprises some good and some bad but hey it's nothing that we can't get through together as a couple, as a family!"

Given DMX's current condition, it's nice to think that the couple has overcome obstacles before. "I appreciate you in ways u probably would never understand! I appreciate the type of father u are to exodus everybody sees a difference in u when it comes to that!" she continued. "The promises u made me about that u keep no matter what!"

Desiree Lindstrom has defended her relationship

Despite her attempts at keeping a low profile, Desiree Lindstrom has had to fight for her relationship with DMX. Part of the complications might come from their age difference. DMX appears to be several years older than Lindstrom. It seems more likely, though, that criticism might come from the DMX's complicated family dynamic.

When Lindstrom and DMX got together, she entered a bit of a tricky situation. As mentioned above, she and DMX share one son, but he also has four children with his ex-wife, Tashera Simmons. Becoming a stepmother to four kids hard enough, but unfortunately for Lindstrom, things were even more complicated than that. In addition to his four children with Simmons, DMX also reportedly has 10 other children with other women, making a total of 15 kids, per Distractify. Playing stepmom to 14 kids is no joke. 

Either way, Lindstrom has felt the need to defend the relationship publicly in the past. "People will never understand or get our relationship but guess what... f**k them!" she wrote in a 2020 Instagram post. "We know we love each other, we both are not perfect by any means but we know were we stand with each other! I love u baby!"

We will be watching and hoping for good news for the family.

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