The Real Meaning Behind 'Worldwide Beautiful' By Kane Brown

Kane Brown may have made a name for himself in the world of country music, but his song "Worldwide Beautiful" became a crossover hit in 2020 with its timely call for racial harmony.

The biracial singer-songwriter recently spoke out about inclusivity in the country music scene, praising how "broad" the genre has become. "It's just great the way that country music is being so diverse right now," Brown told News Channel Nebraska, "especially me and Darius Rucker and Jimmie Allen and Mickey Guyton. And, you know, I mean, there's Black artists coming in and trying to be a part of the country genre, which I think is awesome."

Brown decided to reflect some of his thoughts about race in "Worldwide Beautiful," which delivers a plea for unity. The lyrics (via Genius) begin: "White churches, Black churches / Different people, same hearses / It's kinda hard to fight with each other / Layin' down in the ground six under." In the chorus, the country star continues by singing, "One love, one God, one family."

In an interview with Variety from October 2020, Brown explained that the song was not originally supposed to come out until 2021. "We thought it was such a massive song, and we wrote it before everything started going on. Because we had lived it before," he explained, referring to his co-writers Shy Carter, Ryan Hurd, and Jordan Schmidt. "It just wasn't in public and not being talked about.

After the protests that followed George Floyd's death, however, Brown's fans "immediately started begging" for the demo to be released.

"Worldwide Beautiful" was dedicated to an important cause

In October 2020, Kane Brown admitted to Variety that some on his team were "worried" about the repercussions of releasing as song as political "Worldwide Beautiful."

"But we've heard nothing but positive feedback," he insisted. "And there's really nothing we're saying except everybody should love everybody." The singer also revealed that he "can't wait to sing that song live and see everybody singing it with me," which will happen on his upcoming tour in fall 2021, according to Rolling Stone.

Brown had another reason to release "Worldwide Beautiful," since his proceeds are going to the Boys and Girls Club of America. "I didn't really know much about it," he told Variety, "and my team brought it to my attention. When I first went in and met these kids, I immediately fell in love. You know, I have a huge heart for children, especially gone through rough times, because I lived that. You're in there with all these kids, different races, all getting along, all having fun."

"Either their parents are working hard or their parents don't really have jobs, and the Boys and Girls Club is helping them out," Brown explained. "So I just immediately knew the song was for them and I had to give them the proceeds. We had a Zoom call the other day with the kids where they said I was a Boys and Girls Club member for life. It meant the world to me — I felt like I got an award."