What Porky From The Little Rascals Looks Like Today

It's hard to look back at your favorite movies from when you were a kid and not think about the 1994 classic remake of The Little Rascals. The movie follows a group of young neighborhood boys who have a "no girls allowed" club. As the boys prepare for a soapbox derby go-kart race, they attempt to break up the relationship between club member Alfalfa and his secret girlfriend, Darla.

Of course, hilarity ensues, and what makes it all the more cuter is that most of the main characters were actually kids themselves. One of the youngest members of the movie's "He-Man Woman Haters Club" was little Porky. He, along with his best friend Buckwheat, help the boys come up with the money needed to rebuild their club house after it had burned down in a fire.

While the adorable Porky won over tons of fans of the film, the actor who played that particular little rascal, Zachary Mabry, seemingly decided to quit the business. According to E!, Mabry had only turned 4 during filming of The Little Rascals — which to this day is his only movie credit on IMDb. But just because the Texas native decided to not return to acting, doesn't mean that the now 31-year-old (gasp!) left being in the public eye for good!

Porky from the Little Rascals left acting but has a podcast

Zachary Mabry, the actor who played Porky in The Little Rascalsapparently has moved on from acting. However, the former child star still works in the media, but this time behind a microphone instead of on-screen. Mabry now cohosts the Roman Circus Podcast, which according to their Instagram, "dives into death-defying discussions of Catholic culture, tradition, news and more."

That's not Mabry's only professional connection to Catholicism. He also serves as a contributing editor for the Catholic Herald, a London-based publication. Additionally, according to E!, as of 2020 Mabry works as an accountant for American Airlines where he lives in Dallas, Texas.

Mabry clearly keeps busy these days with other work, yet it's hard not to picture him as Porky from one of our favorite childhood movies. The former actor still has his boyish good looks that you can see for yourself — not only through his own Instagram account, but also his Cameo, where fans of Porky can get a shoutout video from him! Mabry clearly hasn't forgotten his Little Rascal days. In an Instagram post from last year, Mabry posted a photo of what appeared to be him and his former co-stars on the set of the 1994 movie with the caption "don't be fooled by the rocks that I got I'm still Porky from the block." And we're happy to see it!