The Truth About Steven Lee Hall, Jr. From Naked And Afraid XL

Steven Lee Hall Jr. is known for his multiple appearances on Naked and Afraid and Naked and Afraid XL, where he has left an impression on viewers. One of the survivalist's most memorable moments involved a rattlesnake. He called himself "King of the Forest" as he ate the still-beating heart of the snake, as per the Orlando Sentinel.

One of the most terrifying moments for Hall on the reality show was when he was pitted with sharks on Naked and Afraid of Sharks. Even though he had toughed the terrain in Africa on previous shows, Hall admitted to the Orlando Sentinel that his time in the Bahamas with sharks was his most daunting. "This one was the most difficult by far," he said of the 14-day challenge.

Speaking to People in July 2016, Hall mentioned how it was challenging to perform simple tasks while in-the-buff. "You're chopping stuff with a knife, but you're naked," the reality show star said. "There's a lot of concern about safety." Hall told the outlet that one of the biggest issues for safety came from something very small. "I got back to America and I found a tick in my beard, and this was after I had gone over myself really carefully," Hall said. "You're really exposed doing the show."

So who is the Naked and Afraid XL star when he is not being filmed?

Steven Hall Jr. has a gentle side

According to Steven Hall Jr.'s website, he was taught to be a survivalist by both his father and grandfather at a young age. Hall is also a self-taught professional artist that goes by the pseudonym Nevets Killjoy. He has painted "several murals and over a thousand canvases." Prior to becoming an artist he worked as a bartender for several bars in downtown Orlando, Fla.

The Naked and Afraid XL star is a man of considerable faith, and he told Christian Activities in September 2017 that he uses the teaching of the church to guide him in all aspects of life. "I learned that whatever I do in life to do it to my best ability, from surviving naked in Africa for 40 days or just cleaning up my house," he said. Hall recalled a particularly difficult night filming the show in Alabama. "It was the worst night of my life ... I said the Lord's Prayer in my head for hours," Hall said to Christian Activities. Being on the Discovery series helped humble him. "When you're stripped of everything, it makes you appreciate the people in your life," he told the Orlando Sentinel in 2016 (via NevetsKilljoy).

Hall has been in a long-term relationship during his appearances on the hit reality show. Even though he was stranded with a nude female, his partner was more concerned about his safety. "She was more worried about me getting hurt. I'd never do anything to mess with the relationship," he told the Sentinel.