Kate Winslet's Net Worth: How Much Is The Actor Really Worth?

Actor Kate Winslet burst onto the international scene in 1994 when she starred in Peter Jackson's Heavenly Creatures. Her performance garnered critical acclaim and led to more high profile roles in Sense and Sensibility, Jude, and Hamlet. She was again praised for her acting by critics, but these films failed to make much noise at the box office.

That soon changed when she was cast as Rose in 1997's Titanic. James Cameron's blockbuster movie also starred Leonardo DiCaprio as Winslet's character's love interest. It was an enormous success and made nearly $29 million on its opening weekend (which is equal to nearly $48 million today when adjusted for inflation), on its way to a global box office take totaling more than $2.2 billion, according to BoxOfficeMojo.com.

From this point on, Winslet could pretty much write her own ticket — and she was only 21 years old at the time. However, she was also haunted by the media's criticism of her weight. It was not enough that she earned four Academy Award nominations before she was 30, as The Guardian reported. The media in the U.K. repeatedly focused on her weight. Winslet said, "[I]t was almost laughable how shocking, how critical, how straight-up cruel tabloid journalists were to me. I was still figuring out who the hell I bloody well was! They would comment on my size, they'd estimate what I weighed, they'd print the supposed diet I was on."

But if living well is the best revenge, Winslet has certainly done just that.

Kate Winslet has amassed quite the fortune

Kate Winslet has earned an impressive $65 million over the course of her nearly three decades of professional acting, according to Celebrity Net Worth. She's also one of the most decorated actors of her generation, with an Emmy (for 2011's Mildred Pierce), an Academy Award (for 2008's The Reader), four Golden Globes (for Mildred Pierce, The Reader, 2008's Revolutionary Road, and 2015's Steve Jobs), and a Grammy (for Best Spoken Word Album in 2000 for Listen to the Storyteller), according to IMDb.

Winslet has not taken her good fortune for granted, though. After skyrocketing to international fame in Titanic, Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio vowed to help the last survivor of the infamous ocean liner by donating money to a fund to help Millvina Dean pay her nursing home fees in England in 2009, as the Independent reported. Dean was about two months old when the Titanic sank on that fateful night in 1912. She was the youngest traveler on the ill-fated voyage. Winslet, DiCaprio, and the film's director James Cameron each donated $30,000 to the survivor's fund.

Winslet has also been a long-time spokesperson for Lancôme. In 2011, after narrating a documentary about a child with autism, she teamed up with the cosmetics giant to launch the Golden Hat Foundation to raise awareness and money for the 67 million children with autism worldwide, as Cosmopolitan noted.

Next up for Winslet is the HBO series Mare of Easttown, which debuts on April 18, 2021. Winslet plays the title role of a police detective in Pennsylvania. Mare investigates a gruesome murder while trying to keep her own personal life from falling apart.