The Truth About Deleesa From The Circle

The contestants on Season 2 of Netflix's The Circle all have something worth fighting for, and for Deleesa St. Agathe, aka Deleesa Unique, that something is her beloved family. The self-proclaimed "Mompreneur," per her Instagram bio, is a proud mama to her 1-year-old daughter, Toni Abella, and according to her YouTube channel, she has another one on the way. Deleesa is also a devoted wife to her husband, Trevor St. Agathe, and, in fact, the businesswoman is using her man's name and likeness to catfish the competition.

"He's handsome but he's not considered a threat. He's going to be a nice guy ... single father because single dads ... they get all the ladies #humbledilf," she said on the show during her introduction. "I'm going to let the ladies come to him and he's going to be bros with the other guys. And that's the game plan right there, I got this."

With her strong devotion to her family, it's no surprise she is planning to use her prize money for a home of their own. Keep scrolling for more details about Delessa from The Circle.

Deleesa is a social media guru

Although Deleesa described herself as a stay-at-home mom, the 32-year-old beauty from "the boogie down Bronx," has a lot going for her other than her mom duties. She has an online boutique called the Be Unique Shoppe, which is dedicated to providing one-stop shopping for the glamourous lady on the go, in addition to her thriving YouTube channel where she posts about anything from health and wellness to her pregnancy journey.

She clearly is a hard-working entrepreneur considering she already a Cameo account in preparation for her Circle debut. For a total of $50, the reality star on the rise will send you a personalized video. And with the success The Circle has had thus far, we imagine she's going to be reeling in the cash real soon.

Aside from her hard work ethic and love for her family, what makes Deleesa most unique is her ability to balance being a mom in addition to staying true to her sexy self. She'll often mix her social media content with sultry photos and family selfies, and she admitted she likes it like that. "Sometimes I post mom s**t, sometimes I post hot girl s**t. BALANCE," she wrote via Instagram on April 10, 2021, with a series of sexy pics. Clearly, this fierce mama won't let anything get in the way as she works toward her goals.