How Much Was Helen McCrory Worth At The Time Of Her Death?

Helen McCrory, the actor best known for appearing in Peaky Blinders, Skyfall, and the final three Harry Potter movies, has died at 52. According to an April 16, 2021 Twitter statement from her husband, actor Damian Lewis, McCrory "died peacefully at home" from cancer. She is survived by her husband and their two children.

Throughout her life, McCrory dedicated herself to acting, appearing in numerous theater productions, as well as those on film and television. Her efforts were rewarded in 2016, when she was made an OBE (an Officer of the Order of the British Empire) "for services to drama," per The London Gazette

She was born in London, but spent time overseas in Norway, Nigeria, Cameroon, and France while growing up, reported TV Guide. She got her start in film by playing a sex worker in 1994's Interview With a Vampire, but really, it was the stage that brought her to fame. According to London Theatre, she first graced the stage in 1990 in the role of Gwendoline for The Importance of Being Earnest and achieved critical success in 1993's Trelawny of "Wells," which earned her an Ian Charleson award, per the outlet. She then made a name for herself playing Shakespearean characters, her role of Lady Macbeth in Macbeth winning her the Richard Burton Award for Most Promising Newcomer in 1995. She has been nominated for two Olivier Awards and has also won a Critics' Circle Theatre Award, according to the site.

But has this talent brought her financial success?

Helen McCrory was worth millions when she died

Per Celebrity Net Worth, Helen McCrory had a net worth of $25 million — a shared amount with her husband, Damian Lewis. Lewis is also an actor, who starred in a number of TV shows, like Band of Brothers, Homeland, Life, and Billions. While he undoubtedly contributed to their wealth, it's probably safe to say the majority of their money came from McCrory's efforts on stage and screen. She was a prolific stage actor, but also landed parts in big-name movies, like Skyfall and the Harry Potter films as Narcissa Malfoy. She was originally supposed to be cast as Bellatrix Lestrange (a role that went to Helena Bonham Carter), but had to decline since she was pregnant (via TV Guide). 

McCrory didn't just support the arts by creating it as an actor, however. She also helped produce it — another role that most likely helped pad her wallet. In 1996, she helped found The Foundry, a production company aimed at producing "the cutting edge of independent drama through imaginative project initiation." McCrory was listed as a director at the time of her death.

As for what McCrory and Lewis spent their hard-earned money on, they owned two homes in England, per The Times. Considering they purchased their London home from actor Hugh Laurie, as the outlet reported, they were undoubtedly living in the high life. During the pandemic, they raised more than $1 million in donations to help feed healthcare workers.