What Angie J From My 600-Lb Life Is Up To Now

One of the best parts of the show My 600-lb Life is that it gives people who are obese a chance to meet their weight loss goals and improve their quality of life. Over the years, the show has featured numerous individuals who are obese and want to change their lifestyles. Many cast members left their mark on the show, one of them being Angie J, who weighed 643 pounds when she was featured in the 19th episode of the seventh season, per MeAww.

It has been quite a journey for Angie, considering the traumatic background that she'd come from — as detailed on the show — and her efforts to improve her lifestyle to achieve better physical and mental health.

Angie, whose full name is Angela Marie Dunham-Johns (per IMDb), managed to lose 49 pounds in nine months. However, as the show's followers would know, her weight was nowhere near what was required for the surgery, and she was dismissed from the show, according to MeAww. At that time, she weighed around 594 pounds. 

Angie's well-wishers are now eager to know more about where she is now and what she's been up to since her untimely departure from the series. Find out below.

Angie J has a positive outlook on life despite hardships

Even though Angie J didn't lose as much weight as necessary for surgery on the show, her recent pictures on Facebook suggest that she has lost some more weight. 

Angie is quite active on Facebook and posts several selfies. Her fans also have positive things to tell her in the comments section.

So what could have been the motivating factor behind her weight loss journey? Starcasm reveals that she managed to stick around with Dr. Now, followed her advice, and ultimately qualified for weight-loss surgery.

However, things seemed to take a turn for the worse. Her husband Justin, who she had met on the show, left her, according to the outlet. She also said that her Texas home was burglarized. With a broken relationship and financial loss, Angie started a GoFundMe campaign, requesting people to help her at that stage in her life. The campaign raised $242. But she hasn't given up.

Angie J is raising funds for another surgery

Angie J has been keen on sticking with her weight loss journey. She started another GoFundMe campaign on Sept. 8, 2020, wanting to raise money to help her get back to Texas and "finish" her journey.

Angie wrote in the campaign's description that she's in "desperate need for skin removal surgeries" as the excess skin in her body is causing "medical issues."

Despite her public plea to get through this difficult time — she says she only has a $700 fixed monthly income — the GoFundMe campaign failed to receive significant traction. As of April 19, 2021, Angie has only raised $98 out of her $600 goal. She's had just several donors so far, with one of them commenting that they totally support her journey.

The current status of her campaign makes it evident that she failed to raise enough money. However, Angie's known for her perseverance, and her fans and well-wishers will wait in anticipation to learn more about what's next in store for her. And she seems to have remained positive about life. Read on.

The way forward for Angie J

Angie J shares inspirational posts on her Facebook profile which she treats as her "personal blog." Her fans are quick to comment on her posts, complimenting her and wishing her success and good health.

It also looked like she had found a new man in her life. While she shared countless photos with her new guy, William Thompson — even as recently as March 13, 2021, when she revealed that William even bought her a new phone — it seems like the two have since called it quits, as her Facebook relationship status is now listed as "single."

Plus, it looks like Angie managed to finish her My 600-Lb Life journey after all, appearing on a TLC follow-up special called My 600-Lb Life: Where Are They Now? on April 14, 2021.

It's clear that Angie's well-wishers only hope that she continues to grow positively in her life.