The Truth About Ryan Holt From Naked And Afraid XL

If outdoor adventuring is your thing (or you enjoy a good reality competition show), you have definitely caught an episode of Naked and Afraid XL. This Naked and Afraid spinoff features 12 survivalists "taking on an unsurvivable situation" for 40 days, according to Discovery. Clothes are not required, giving a whole new meaning to "baring it all."

Ryan Holt is competing on this season of Naked and Afraid XL and grew up in the southwestern mountains of Maine, according to his bio. After he left the Marines in 2011, he was known as "Yukon" because he hiked the Appalachian Mountain range from Georgia to Maine in less than six months. That's a staggering 2,184 miles! He also journeyed 80 miles in snowshoes across the Boundary Waters of Minnesota.

When he's not in the elements, Ryan enjoys crocheting and weaving baskets. Keep reading for more details on how he survives in the wilderness.

Ryan Holt shared what 'Naked and Afraid' is really like

In January 2020, Ryan Holt opened up to Bangor Daily News about the reality of filming TV nude when you are trying to survive in a harsh environment. "On day one, when they're filming me on camera and it was just this camera guy and the producer and they were like, 'OK. Take your clothes off," he said. "There was this one second of hesitation... that one second of clarity of, 'OK. This is real now... This is what I'm doing. I'm going to get naked, and I'm going to be naked for the next three weeks.'"

Ryan said you quickly forget about the nudity when you have to find water, food, shelter, and fire. "You just have to find the resources to make those things happen," he said. "It's just about getting creative and crafty. It's like a big puzzle to me." He revealed contestants are paid $300 for each day they survive, and do not receive a prize for finishing. 

The survivalist is a busy guy when he's not living in the elements. In 2018, he created The Human Nature Hostel, a retreat for Appalachian hikers in the summer and a hotel during the rest of the year. Ryan is also a certified Maine guide, so we're sure he is sharing everything he has learned with his clients.