The Truth About Lacey Jones From Naked And Afraid XL

If you love the outdoors (or just enjoy watching nature shows on TV), you have definitely come across Naked and Afraid XL. The show features 12 of the best survivalists who must battle the elements and whatever else the world throws at them for 40 days, according to Discovery. If you haven't guessed it from the title, the contestants do not wear any clothes.

Lacey Jones is competing on this season of Naked and Afraid XL. Jones grew up different from most and lived off the grid on Quigg Island in Liberty, Maine (via Discovery). She spent her summers at survivalist school where she learned about hunting, fishing, edible plants, building shelters, and more. Her dad taught her how to love nature, and her mother was a "full blown hippie naturalist," according to Jones' bio.

Surviving in unimaginable conditions seems like a walk in the park for Jones. Keep reading for more details.

Lacey Jones does whatever she has to do to survive

Lacey Jones is an Army veteran, but nothing could have prepared her for numerous hairstyle changes during her appearances on the Naked and Afraid franchise, according to Heavy. Viewers saw her long hair transform into a pixie cut, but Jones did not intend to make a fashion statement.

"I shaved my hair because the malnutrition makes it fall out anyway," she told the outlet. "I [contracted] something in Ecuador that was ravishing my hair... Not being able to clean it... it gets bugs in it. It was like dreadlocks after my first episode. [Being out there] took a toll on my body and my hair, so I was like I'm shaving my head. I'm not going to worry about ticks or fungus or things growing in it. I'm just going to just go totally all in."

Despite the lack of running water, unpredictable weather and everything else that comes with living in the wild, Jones found an appreciation for animals during her time in Africa. "I absolutely love the animals," she said (via Heavy). "This last time in Africa, during the day, I would be like, 'Oh my God. I can't believe what I am getting to do and see.' I lived among the elephants.

When Jones is not battling the elements, she enjoys hiking and spending time with her children.