What Does Andrei Castravet From 90 Day Fiance Do For A Living?

Of all the couples on TLC's "90 Day Fiance," Andrei Castravet and Elizabeth "Libby" Potthast are probably the most memorable. The pair met while Elizabeth was traveling through Europe and quickly fell in love. Andrei needed a "fiance visa" to join Elizabeth stateside, at the end of which they would either get married, or he'd have to return to Dublin, where he was working as a bouncer.

Andrei did not enjoy being a bouncer. "It is dangerous to be a bouncer, a lot of fights happen," he said at the time, per In Touch. "I'm not an aggressive person in general but yes, I can stand up for myself, yeah." Prior to this, he was a cop in his native Moldova.

Elizabeth's dad was particularly troubled by this (and Andrei's seemingly shady past), as it seemed to him that Andrei had no direction and little chance at landing a job in the U.S. Things became even more tense after Libby and Andrei had to ask her dad to help them out financially.

As if that wasn't enough, Andrei also told Elizabeth he expected her to run their household, raise their kid, and hold down a job, while he only had to have a job (spoiler alert: he didn't have a job). Elizabeth was not into it, per In Touch.

Long story short, it's a mess. The good news? Andrei finally got a job. Here's the deal.

Andrei is working with his sister-in-law

It might have taken him a while, but Andrei Castravet finally got a job. Since much of his and Elizabeth Potthast's storyline in "90 Day Fiance" involved his ongoing unemployment, this news will definitely make everyone breathe a sigh of relief. After much back-and-forth about how much Andrei actually wanted to work or what he wanted to do with his life (he was interested in being a handyman and truck driver), we are happy to report that the father of one is finally bringing home the bacon.

According to Screen Rant, Andrei got his real estate license (good for two years) in April 2020. Andrei reportedly landed a job at the same firm as his sister-in-law, Rebekah Potthast — Keller Williams in Tampa, Florida. In addition to cashing in on the always-hot Florida real estate market, Andrei is cashing in on his celebrity by offering Cameos for $75 a pop. (He also reportedly has an OnlyFans.)

Wherever he's making his money, we think we speak for everyone (especially Elizabeth, and especially Elizabeth's dad) when we say we're just happy to Andrei doing something profitable with his time.