Kehlani Makes An Announcement About Her Sexuality

R&B singer Kehlani has made an announcement about her sexuality. She shared the news via TikTok on April 22.

Kehlani has always been open about being a member of the LGBTQ+ community. According to Variety, the "Nights Like This" hitmaker, who goes by the pronouns "she/they," previously made comments about her sexuality in a tweet that has now been deleted. "I felt gay always insisted there was still a line drawn as to which 'label' of human I was attracted when I really just be walking around thinking ERRYBODY FINE," Kehlani wrote. 

Kehlani's love and personal life has been a topic of discussion throughout the years. As reported by The Netline, she has had relationships with rappers YG, PARTYNEXTDOOR, and NBA player Kyrie Irving. The Oakland-born star had a child with her guitarist, Javaughn Young-White, and gave birth to their daughter, Adeya Nomi, in 2019. During a 2018 Instagram live, the singer stated that she has dated multiple women but "never identified as a lesbian" at the time. Variety noted that Kehlani has "long identified as queer and bisexual."

Kehlani has since made a personal revelation, coming out as gay. Keep reading to find out more.

Kehlani joked about her family's reaction to her coming out

In Kehlani's latest TikTok video, via Pop Crave, the award-winning singer came out as gay. "I am gay, gay, gay. ... I finally know I'm a lesbian." she said. The talented star joked within the clip that when she told her family, they reacted with, "We know, duh." "Everyone's just like, 'Duh,'" she said, joking that her loved ones told her: "'You're the only one who didn't f***ing know. The f***ing closet was glass.'"

As reported by Variety, Kehlani said she was a lesbian during an Instagram earlier this month. However, fans weren't sure whether she was being serious or not, per TMZ. "You wanna know what's new about me? I finally know I'm a lesbian!" she said at the time, adding, "I just wanted y'all to know that everyone knew but me."

Kehlani's fans have been very supportive of her on social media. "Congratulations and I'm so happy you are speaking your truth," one user tweeted, adding the rainbow emoji. "i love you, i love you, i love you. you and your music have helped me overcome so much and i just wanna give you the biggest hug ever. but until then keep being the amazing woman that you are," another person shared. "we love you lani and we will always support you," remarked a third fan.