Why Hollywood Won't Cast The Lawrence Brothers Anymore

Joey, Matthew and Andy Lawrence were household names in the '90s — and the object of many a prepubescent girls' affection. Oldest brother Joey starred in the TV series Blossom while middle brother Matthew had a recurring role in Boy Meets World. Youngest brother Andy co-starred with his brothers on the sitcom Brotherly Love. Nowadays, it's not often you see the threesome on screen. With each brother having their own unique creative strengths and all three being certifiable hunks, it begs the question, why doesn't Hollywood cast the Lawrence brothers anymore?

Traditional sitcoms aren't as big these days

The Lawrence brothers excelled in network and cable sitcoms, a type of television that's just not as popular as it was in the '90s. In the age of instant gratification, services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon are catering to those who favor binge-watching shows rather than waiting for a particular broadcast time each week. In fact, at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards, the best TV drama winner was The Crown, a Netflix series. Billy Bob Thornton won best actor in a television series for his role in the Amazon series Goliath. Perhaps the brothers could have some success with a streaming service sitcom, much like Netflix's Fuller House.

Like all teen heartthrobs, they grew up

The Lawrence brothers were no-doubt typecast as adorable youngsters and teenage heartthrobs in shows and movies like Blossom, Mrs. Doubtfire, Brotherly Love and Jack Frost. Perhaps now that they've grown from teen heartthrobs into men, it's harder for the Lawrence brothers to find work in Hollywood. While they're still a trio of great-looking guys, they don't really fit into 'adorable' roles we've come to expect from them.

Andy is so focused on music, he doesn't have time for movies and TV

Andy is still dabbling in the TV world with the occasional guest appearance and recurring role. He's even doing a bit of voice work in movies and video games. But it appears his biggest love may not be the big or small screen — he seems to have his sites set on the music industry, releasing a pretty catchy single called "King's March" from his 2016 EP. He wrapped up appearances in November 2016 for his EP release in Los Angeles and he actively promotes his music on his personal Instagram and Twitter accounts. He also has his own band, The Andy Lawrence Band. Perhaps he's hoping for his big music break so he can leave Hollywood behind for good.

Joey's music career isn't working

Meanwhile, Joey's music career seems to have peaked in the '90s. He scored an international hit with his single "Nothin' My Love Can't Fix" from his 1993 album, a song which was inarguably his biggest musical success. He's still making music, but hasn't had a bona fide hit since then.

In 2010, Joey teased to US Weekly that he would be releasing a brand-new record early in 2011. He compared himself to a certain former Mouseketeer saying, "And I'm making a brand new record that will drop early next year. It is right there with the first Justin Timberlake's first CD... And I would not have waited this long and gone down this path again if I didn't think we had something."

Alas, Joey's full record has yet to be released. According to Apple Music, he's released two singles since the '90s—2011's "Rolled" and 2013's "Our Time".

Matthew's latest break got cancelled

Matthew guest-starred on the Disney Channel's Girl Meets World, a sitcom taking place a decade after Boy Meets World ended. The stint recalling his character from Boy Meets World was probably his most famous role since his height of fame in the '90s, and fans were hoping to see more of him in the next season — but that's probably not going to happen. Girl Meets World was unfortunately cancelled after three seasons, ending his chances of big break back into the Hollywood spotlight.

In January 2017, TV Line published an article hinting that Netflix may take up the series, with Girl Meets World creator Michael Jacobs saying "There are talks underway, but we're at the very very beginning stages." If Netflix does pick up Girl Meets World and Matthew snags a recurring role again, there may be hope for him to break back into the Hollywood scene.

A Mrs. Doubtfire sequel won't happen

Matthew was really hoping for his big break back into Hollywood being a sequel to the movie that made him famous as a child—Mrs. Doubtfire. An April 2014 TMZ article reported that talks for a sequel were in the works with Robin Williams and Christopher Columbus (who directed the original) set to return. Lawrence told reporters, "Of course I would be on board. I hope they made the second as good as the first. The first was so good."

Tragically, just four months later, Williams' assistant found him dead as a result of suicide. Variety later reported the sequel would most likely be scrapped after Williams' death. Writer David Bernbaum had met with Williams months before,while he was working on a second draft of the script. Unfortunately for Matthew, it seems a Mrs. Doubtfire sequel will no longer be the outlet for him to return to Hollywood.

Joey's busy being a dad

Joey, 40, is now knee-deep in fatherhood having two daughters, Charleston (Charli) and Liberty Grace, with his wife Chandie Yawn-Nelson. In 2012, he admitted to People that many seem to think his daughters take after him. "They're very passionate; they talk a lot. They talk real loud, which is sort of my M.O. I guess," he said. Of course, he's also instilled a love of Disney in them, perhaps paying homage to the network that gave him so many opportunities. It seems that Lawrence has been enjoying being a father so much he may not have much time for a return to Hollywood.

Joey likes the has-been scene

Joey seems to feel comfortable frequenting the has-been scene. He appeared on Dancing with the Stars, a show described by Gawker as, "ABC's hit reality competition that gives creme de la D-list creme one more shot at foxtrotting their way back into America's hearts." Forbes even went so far as to name four reasons why DWTS is losing viewers, the number one reason being that the stars aren't really stars. "The public has grown weary of third-tier celebrities looking to extend their fifteen minutes," Forbes reported. Ouch.

Joey has also been in Hallmark movies (land of the has-beens—see Lacey Chabert, Rachel Boston, Luke Perry and many others) and recently, the direct-to-DVD Wish for Christmas. Finally, in a desperate move that most likely made 30 and 40-something women swoon, Joey appeared in a 2012 limited engagement as a Chippendales dancer—yet another road frequented by Hollywood has-beens. Don't believe us? Just ask Tyson Beckford, Ian Ziering and Antonia Sabato Jr.

Matthew's doing indie films

Currently, Matthew is working in the independent film realm, in pre-production for the movie Kurt. The Gazette Review reported the story will discuss the rise and fall of a model's career through the eyes of a photographer. He's also currently filming the indie movie Desperate Waters, billed as a drama, mystery and thriller.

His last mainstream movie role was in 2002 when he played the part of Billy in Rob Schneider's The Hot Chick. Matthew just wrapped up a TV movie as well—The Guest She Found Online. With Matthew delving into the indie movie world, he may not be getting the exposure he needs to break back into the Hollywood scene.

How they can turn it around

The Lawrence brothers have a good chance of turning things around for themselves in Hollywood. Joey has decided to become more relevant as of late, picking up a role in the movie Public Disturbance, which stars YouTubers The Janoskians. He might even have a future in musical theater, as he made a successful Broadway debut in 2007 as Billy Flynn in Chicago. This seems like the perfect way to use his moves and voice (and, let' face it, good looks!) for success.

Matthew could keep guest starring until he finds the perfect role, a la his role in Boy Meets World. If all else fails, judging from these photos from E! Online he could get some modeling gigs fairly easy. How sculpted are those abs, at 36 nonetheless?

Andy perhaps has a future in music as a solo artist, releasing several performances on YouTube that prove he has a decent voice and stage presence.

Finally, another avenue the brothers could pursue is making appearances together on screen. Their series Brotherly Love was a successful show in the '90s, probably because all three brothers were on it at the same time. Maybe Netflix could swoop in and reboot the series for a new generation.