What Most People Don't Know About Bretman Rock

If you love social media, you might have come across Bretman Rock, the phenom with 38.3 million followers across Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok. Rock started to gain notoriety on the Internet in 2015 with his hilarious content and beauty tutorials.

The 21-year-old explained he can't ignore a camera as performing is just in his nature. "Whenever I see a camera, I just want to perform for some reason," he told Variety. "If I was getting paid for it or not, I would still be posting random videos of me on the internet." His content is varied but strikes a chord with his followers. You can watch him exercise, make iced matcha lattes, pole dance, show off his outfits, read from his journal, longboard, and check out local wildlife in his native Hawaii.

Rock's outgoing personality and strong online presence resulted in brand deals, like an eyewear collection and appearances at New York Fashion Week. He even landed a show with MTV called "Following: Bretman Rock." The show was a massive success, and helped bring in over 12.8 million views and 200,000 new subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Rock is more than just a social media star. Keep reading for more details about his life beyond the screen.

Bretman Rock fell in love with makeup at a young age

Like many influencers, Bretman Rock's (full name Bretman Rock Sacayanan) journey to fame began with YouTube beauty tutorials. "I got into beauty when I was about four or five years old," he told Hello Giggles. "I would watch my grandmother get ready for church. It was a cool process to watch how makeup would make her feel when she put it on, and the confidence it gave her." He took things to the next level in fifth grade, per TV Over Mind, when he tried to pluck a line into his eyebrows and borrowed his mother's mascaras to correct his botched attempt. He's been into makeup ever since.

Rock told Hello Giggles that the Jordana Eyebrow Duo was the first makeup product he bought with his own money. "My eyebrows were the only thing I used to do. Once my eyebrows were on, Bretman Rock was on," he said. He would buy it in the "third column, second row of the store" at Long Drugs, he added. "I remember where it was because it was such a small product and I would always lose it so I would always have someone else buy it for me."

Rock went on to release a collection with Wet 'n Wild called Jungle Rock, per Cosmopolitan. He might be only just getting started in the makeup world, but his future is bright.