Why Miley Cyrus Is Already In Hot Water Over Her Upcoming SNL Appearance

Miley Cyrus is an accomplished actor, a hit-making singer, and a captivating celebrity. That's why it shouldn't be surprising to find out that she's also taken on various enviable opportunities in the entertainment industry such as hosting "Saturday Night Live." In fact, Cyrus has been brought on to host the long-running skit show five times. According to the Daily Mail, she took the "SNL" stage in 2011, 2013, 2015, and 2020, while also at times performing as the musical guest.

The star was then set to make her next appearance on May 8, 2021, as she was "getting ready to release a collaboration with The Kid Laroi's called 'Without You,'" per the Mail. While it's hard to imagine anyone being shocked by the possibility of a buzz-worthy appearance by Cyrus — thanks to the fact that she's known to do rather iffy things — the situation got a little heated before her hosting gig had even taken place because of something that she had done involving someone else who was scheduled to show up, someone not everyone likes: Elon Musk.

Miley Cyrus faced backlash over her tweet to Elon Musk

When "Saturday Night Live" announced Miley Cyrus would be appearing on the show in May 2021, they also revealed that Elon Musk would be joining her. "At first, it wasn't clear if this was legit ... or just a stunt/joke," TMZ noted, but it definitely turned out to be real. That's why Cyrus and Musk ended up in a Twitter exchange which some of her fans weren't too happy about.

The situation was sparked when someone shared an altered shot of Cyrus famously on her wrecking ball with Musk's face popped on top of hers. The Twitter user added, "Alright Elon just.... hear me out." Musk replied with possible enthusiasm, tweeting, "Might be something there haha." Cyrus then jumped in with a few spacey emojis and wrote, "@elonmusk I'm down if you are! ... #MileyAndMusk to the moon!"

As a result, the Daily Mail pointed out that "Cyrus was criticized by fans as she promoted her upcoming 'Saturday Night Live' appearance with Elon Musk — after he was accused of 'destroying the planet.'" "[U]gh bestie this is so f**kin gross," one person tweeted. Someone else added a defense and possible explanation, writing, "She has to promote the episode with him guys.....she has no choice. SNL is making her do it." Another replied to the star by writing, "Delete this we will pretend that we didn't see."

That certainly seems like a better option than letting an "SNL" performance destroy your career.