The Odd Way Amelia Gray Hamlin Is Paying Tribute To Her Boyfriend Scott Disick

Amelia Gray Hamlin has been linked to Scott Disick since October 2020, according to Page Six. The first few sightings of the two weren't enough to convince the masses that they were indeed an item, however, given the fact that Scott had only recently split from longterm girlfriend Sofia Richie at the time — and there's that whole 18-year age difference thing. Nevertheless, their relationship was seemingly confirmed in January when a source told Us Weekly that Scott's ex-girlfriend, Kourtney Kardashian — and her family — approved of the romance. "They really like the two of them together and think Amelia is a great influence on Scott. Scott and Amelia are in a really good place. They have a lot of love and respect for each other and it shows," the source told the outlet at the time. In One month later, the two were Instagram official, according to Page Six.

Over the past few months, the couple has been spotted spending time in Miami on several occasions, and there have been rumors that they are looking to move in together, according to Entertainment Tonight. Whether they are lounging poolside or dining at one of the finest restaurants in Los Angeles, these two are near inseparable — and a new Instagram snap proves exactly that. On May 4, Amelia took to her Instagram Stories to show her fans the odd way that she keeps Scott close to her at all times. Keep reading for more.

Amelia Gray Hamlin has a new phone decal

Scott Disick is never too far from Amelia Gray Hamlin's mind. In fact, she has a decal of him on the back of her cell phone, so that she can always be reminded of him, even when the two aren't together. On May 4, Amelia shared a mirror selfie in which she held her iPhone up for all to see a sticker of Scott wearing a tuxedo and a crown — going full Lord Disick, according to Us Weekly. "Hey babe," she captioned the shot. Fans of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" know that Scott started calling himself Lord Disick nearly 10 years ago. According to the Us Weekly report, Scott "completed an online knighting ceremony while traveling to England" back in 2012 — to make the title more official.

This is just the latest way that Amelia is showing her guy some love. Last month, the model shared a video of some new bracelets that she was wearing, one of which featured white beads and Scott's name while another appeared to have black beads with some that spelled out "The Lord," according to People magazine. The jewelry was created by former "Bachelor" star Corinne Olympios, and Amelia seemed to love them. "Cutest lil bracelets," she captioned the post.