How Much Is Rickey Thompson Actually Worth?

Rickey Thompson shot to fame on Vine in 2013, but when the platform shut down, it didn't seem to bother Thompson much; he was already well on his way to Internet superstardom. He used his comedic success to build a YouTube channel, which now boasts over 1.2 million subscribers, along with 5.6 million fans watching every hilarious move on Instagram. As he says to his fans, Thompson is clearly "booked and busy!" 

Thompson was raised in North Carolina, but moved to Los Angeles and later starred in the YouTube series "Foursome." The social media phenom revealed to Teen Vogue in November 2019 that he had to be a "yes man" when he moved to Los Angeles. "When I first got started, I used to say yes to anything," he recalled. "Because I was like, OK if I'm out here in LA, I have to make this money, I have to."

Thompson seems to have a good work ethic, but has it paid off? Keep reading to see how much he is really worth.

Rickey Thompson is worth more than you thought

Estimates for Rickey Thompson's net worth vary quite a bit. The internet sensation is worth an estimated $10 million, according to Idol Net Worth, while it was estimated per Idol Celebs that Thompson has a net worth ranging from $1.5 million to $5.5 million. Regardless of what the numbers say, it's clear that Thompson has a hefty bank account!

Brands took notice of his popularity on social media, and he landed partnerships with Coach, American Eagle and The Luggage Company, according to Esquire. He also scored a spot in Calvin Klein's #MyCalvinsIRL campaign. The pandemic didn't even slow him down — he partnered with AXE to host a virtual prom in 2020, according to Essence. Thompson also inked a podcast deal with Spotify, per Variety, which should only increase his earnings.

However, he isn't worried if it all ended suddenly. "I got my savings," he told Teen Vogue. "Literally every single check I get goes right to my savings. My mom taught me to always save your money. Always, always, always. ... All I do is buy food and I'll buy clothes or whatever, but nothing too serious."

"Always keep track of what you're spending," he advised. "I still thrift clothes. Be very careful what you do with your money. Be smart with it. I would also say invest." It sure sounds like Thompson has a good handle on his finances, and whatever number is attached to his bank account, one thing is for sure: it's going to keep growing.