Below Deck's Dani Soares Reveals The Sex Of Her Baby

"Below Deck" star Dani Soares has exciting news about her growing baby: she has revealed her child's sex.

She announced that she is pregnant with a baby girl on Instagram on May 12 along with a glowing selfie (seen below) in which she is rocking a bold red lip. "I've always been a girlie girl, even when I used to spend hours everyday playing RPG," she started. "When [I found] out I was pregnant, all I really wanted was a healthy baby and didn't really care about anything else. But now, I'm looking forward to having my little girl and developing that mother and daughter relationship," she concluded with a red heart emoji.

Dani announced her pregnancy on April 24 with a mirror selfie that showed her baby bump. She captioned it simply, saying, "It's just you and I little baby," with a red heart emoji. The reality star did not reveal the father of her baby, but she has hinted in the past that her little girl is an unexpected present. Keep scrolling to learn what she had to say about bringing a new being into the world.

Dani Soares' baby is her 'purpose' in life

In a candid post to Instagram on May 5, Dani Soares opened up about her pregnancy being different from what she envisioned her first pregnancy being like. "From the moment I knew you were here, I've been making sure I'm doing everything I can to help you grow healthy inside of me and to make sure you'll have what you need when you out," she wrote. She continued, "This is not how I dreamed, not how I planned, but you [are] not unwanted. Bringing a life to this world is a blessing and you are here to show me I have a reason to keep going and a purpose in this life," she confirmed. "You already so loved," she added.

Fans were buzzing about who the father of her baby could be when Dani first made her pregnancy public. She was last thought to be dating "Below Deck" deckhand Jean-Luc Cerza-Lanaux (per People), but they never confirmed a relationship. Regardless of fan speculation, Dani seems elated to be welcoming her daughter into the world and ready to take on motherhood. Congratulations, Dani!