Why We're Worried About Selma Blair

Actress Selma Blair's film career took off in the late 1990s and early 2000s with starring roles in Cruel Intentions (1999) and Legally Blonde (2001), but over time, the brunette starlet has found herself in trouble, and fans are concerned. Here's why we're worried about Blair, and why you should be too.

She's taking risks with her health

Everyone's guilty of stretching themselves too far for their job or their family, missing meals, and not doing everything they should to stay in good health, but Blair appears to be actively engaging in reckless behavior—putting herself and the well-being of others, including her family, at risk.

In June 2016, the actress exhibited some bizarre behavior on a return flight from Cancun, Mexico to Los Angeles, Calif. According to TMZ, she shouted, "He burns my private parts. He won't let me eat or drink." Other witnesses heard Blair, who was traveling with her 4-year-old son and his father, say, "He beats me. He's going to kill me." Blair was taken off the plane and transported to a nearby hospital via stretcher.

Blair apologized for the events the next day to Vanity Fair: "I made a big mistake yesterday. After a lovely trip with my son and his Dad, I mixed alcohol with medication, and that caused me to black out and led me to say and do things that I deeply regret." She also said she was thankful her ex-boyfriend was asleep and her son had headphones on during her outburst and that she was sorry to have disturbed the flight's crew and fellow passengers. Mixing alcohol with medication is dangerous. It's not clear why Blair thought this may have been a good idea, but it's obvious that she exhibited a troubling lapse in judgment.

She's mourning the loss of her dog

Blair has taken to Instagram to share snippets of her life with her fans—the good and the bad. Amidst pictures with friends and their family, she posted a photo of her and her one-eyed dog, Wink, to commemorate the 6-year anniversary of her death in February 2017. In the caption, she shared her memory of Wink's sudden passing, taking her to the vet, and burying her in "her favorite guarding spot." She also wrote, "I think of her everyday and feel so damn lucky I had her as company for the years I did. I could never forget this girl and hope I see her in my dreams again." Losing a beloved pet certainly leaves its mark, and it's important to take one's time to mourn in an individualized way. That said, we're worried about Blair's grieving process, and we hope she's also able to remember the happy times she spent with her pet, not just her final hours.

She's grieving the death of Carrie Fisher

Millions mourned when news broke that Star Wars princess Carrie Fisher had died on Dec. 27, 2016, followed by the passing of her mother, iconic entertainer Debbie Reynolds, the following day. After Fisher's death, Blair took to Instagram to share a black and white photo of the ocean along with a heartbreaking caption that read, "The world lost its color today. I am heartbroken. For Billiam for Gary. For your family. For me. Selfishly, I always thought we would always find a cuddle and a laugh and a cry in your room like we did. But there is no more time. I am so sad. I love you. I am sorry I didn't say it more."

While they may have kept their friendship fairly private, it's clear the two were close. Blair wed her ex-husband, rocker Ahmet Zappa, at Fisher's home in 2004. In a follow-up post on Instagram, Blair shared an image of a young Reynolds and Fisher and recalled that she and Fisher used to "go down the hill and pull pranks" on Reynolds. What we wouldn't give to see videos of their antics—the two sounded like quite the fun pair.

About two weeks after Blair's initial post, she shared yet another photo of Fisher on Instagram, this time of the two of them kissing. In the caption, she wrote, "A friend tells me grief is love that can no longer be expressed. It makes sense." She then expressed her adoration for Fisher and her dream of seeing her once again. We hope Blair is able to find solace in the future without letting the trauma of losing such a close friend stand in her way.

Her career has taken a nosedive

Blair was a popular actress for both film and TV projects back in the day, but we haven't seen much of her in recent years. In 2016, she portrayed Kris Jenner in Ryan Murphy's The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, and she landed a part in a film titled Mom and Dad (2017), but there doesn't appear to be much buzz surrounding the star—acting-wise, at least. While she may be working less in order to focus on raising her young son, it's possible that her infamous feud with actor Charlie Sheen deeply affected her.

Blair and Sheen worked together on the FX sitcom Anger Management (2012-14), but they reportedly had a lot of trouble managing their professional relationship. In 2013, Sheen, fresh from his public feud with Two and a Half Men (2001-15) creator Chuck Lorre, allegedly threatened to leave Anger Management if Blair wasn't fired. Why? According to TMZ, she supposedly complained about Sheen's work ethic. She was promptly let go, and Anger Management's studio, Lionsgate, soon released a statement confirming Blair's dismissal. Ouch.

She's dwells on the negative

In early February 2017, Blair took to Instagram to explain an event that had left her in tears. Nope, no one close to her had fallen ill or passed away. Her house didn't burn down. She still had all ten fingers and toes. This was the tragedy, as described in her caption: "drove away from a gas pump with the nozzle still in." She said she paid $500 to cover not only the gas in her tank but the broken pump too. But that's not all. Blair's rotton day also reportedly included being "chastised for wearing fur," though she said it was "teddy bear fur." Those problems proved too much for the actress, who said she "burst into tears" in front of a barista. Oh, and she "ran out of dog food. And excedrin." Blair served up this sob story, along with a close-up clip of her sad face, with her hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers. That seems a little over the top.

With so many first-world problems, we have to wonder about her mental state. Hey, Hollywood is stressful. We understand. We've all got stuff that drives us batty, and sometimes little problems feel gigantic in the moment. We just hope Blair can find a way to clear her head, build resiliency, and focus on the present before something worse happens.