Why Khloe And Lamar Are Still Doomed To Fail

Lamar Odom had the worst week ever, but it's looking up in all sorts of ways. First and foremost, the hoops star didn't die, despite having been in a coma and breathing with the assistance of machines after a drug-fueled brothel-bender in Nevada. His estranged wife Khloe Kardashian bent time and space to get to his bedside, and by his side she remained until he miraculously emerged from his, uh, slumber. She flew his family to the hospital and she returned to Los Angeles with him when he was able. Then she went above and beyond the above and beyond by calling off their divorce; it was revealed during the ordeal that despite splitting and signing papers, the divorce wasn't 100 percent official due to a logjam in the courts. So the divorce is on ice and the relationship is being rekindled... at least on the legal level. Will it last? Probably not. This renewed romance is probably doomed. Here's why.

They Have A History Of Being Impetuous

They were dating for a month when they decided to become Mr. & Mrs. They split, but took a minute to file papers to dissolve the union. This relationship has been dominated by dramatic ups, downs, twists, and turns. They have a history of being impetuous and a bit reckless. Rushing to reunite is another instance of doing what they want, when they want, with little regard to practicality.

They're Running On Pure Emotion Right Now

Khloe and Lamar just went through a major trauma together. Early reports indicated that his major organs were failing and that death was essentially imminent. The fact that he survived likely awakened deep and dormant feelings. The duo is likely running on pure, adrenalized emotion, thinking with their hearts and not their heads. They probably can't see anything, especially all of the issues that caused their marital boat to capsize, other than the fact that they are both still alive and need to cherish the second chance they've been given. They're probably all about carpe diem and that emotion is dictating decisions. It's not necessarily a bad way to operate, but reality will eventually crash the Odom party.

Up Until His Collapse, They Were Divorcing

If Odom didn't go on a bender in a brothel, would Khloe be calling off the divorce? Probably not. She had long since moved on with NBA star James Harden. We should definitely point out that she was vocal about her feelings for Odom, telling Complex that "even if I had it for five years or whatever, it was the best ever and I'm grateful I did. Some people don't get that [love] ever and I had that magic for a long time." However, she was already growing by leaps and bounds without him.

They Were On Diverging Paths

Khloe should be commended for all the work she did on herself after her marriage imploded. She often posts photos of her healthy workouts on Instagram. She also became a complete and total blonde bombshell; see her Complex cover for proof that she is the hottest Kardashian, thank you very much. Khloe was the picture of strong, independent womanhood. She wasn't publicly chasing or pining over her ex-husband or letting herself be defined by her failed marriage. He, on the other hand, was a mess hotter than the heat of a billion suns. They were at totally different points in their lives when he went off the rails.

Old Issues Can And Probably Will Return

Again, Koko and Lam Lam are probably drunk on the euphoria over the fact that he didn't die and due to the fact that they both realized that they still care for other so deeply they could reach the ocean floor. That kind of "love of my life" feeling is a powerful aphrodisiac. But once that thrill wears off, old issues can and probably will return. The couple split due to his addiction issues in the first place; clearly, he hasn't defeated those demons after a decent lapse of time. He has a lot of work ahead of him and that could place a lot of pressure on his wife.

Khloe Is Blinded By Love

The Kardashian sister clearly still had a deep love for Odom and this situation gave her a reason to rekindle the relationship she never wanted to end. She is likely blinded by love and by the potential of a second chance. That opens the poor thing up to a world of hurt, because it's obvious that Odom still has a long road to hoe to turn his life around in a significant way.

He Was In A Brothel!

Sorry, but there is no sugarcoating this one. Odom was... in a brothel. A brothel! He was doing enough drugs to cripple a champion racehorse and consorting with prostitutes. Legal or not, he was fraternizing with a seedier element of society. He had traded down from America's First Family. Once matriarch Kris Jenner has gotten over the shock Odom's near-death experience and survival and has a chance to process that information, she will likely be mortified that her son-in-law chose this life over a life with her daughter. It's evident how far the once-celebrated Laker has fallen.