Where Do Josiah And Lauren Duggar Live And How Big Is Their House?

Josiah and Lauren Duggar have made a home for themselves and their daughter, Bella Milagro. After Josiah was featured on "19 Kids and Counting," he and wife Lauren are part of TLC's "Counting On," in which they share just a small glimpse into their lives as reality stars. Josiah and Lauren, who married in 2018 after what some may call a whirlwind romance, have since become a fan-favorite couple of the show.

The Duggar family are well-known for their ultra-conservative views and their deep faith in God. That includes both Josiah and Lauren. When it comes to jobs, most of the kids have followed in the footsteps of father Jim Bob Duggar working in car sales, selling real estate, and flipping houses. For a while, no one seemed to know exactly what Josiah's job really was, but it was revealed a few years ago that he was working on getting his real estate license, it's likely that he is now working alongside his dad and brothers.

That begs the question: Where do Josiah and Lauren Duggar live, and what is their house like for their growing family? Once Josiah got married and moved out of the "Big House" that his parents and many of his 19 siblings reside in, he and his new wife moved into a quaint house that is just the right size for them. Get the details below.

Josiah and Lauren were originally moving into a much bigger house

Josiah and Lauren Duggar had plans to move into a bigger house after they were married. However, things didn't go quite as expected, and they are just fine with that. The plan was for Jim Bob to renovate one of the homes he purchased years ago called the "Baylor House," as Josiah revealed on "Counting On," a home that is said to have lots of room with 9,000 square feet. Josiah and Lauren were to move in right after the wedding, but the house wasn't quite done at that time. In fact, it wasn't move-in ready at all.

That caused them to go to plan B, and that was to find another house for them to settle into. Fortunately, they did find another home in Northwest Arkansas, that is said to be much smaller (see above). Lauren seems to be okay with that, especially when it comes to getting chores done. She mentioned on "Counting On" that she had to get used to not having her sisters there to help her. The Baylor House would have been more of a handful to keep up with.

As seen in many photos that have been shared, it looks like Lauren did a great job decorating all the rooms to her liking. Bella's nursery is adorable all done up in black and white and there are family mementos scattered about. Josiah and Lauren also have a gorgeous piano in their living room.