7 Little Johnstons: Who Is Emma Johnston?

Amber and Trent Johnston of the TLC hit series "7 Little Johnstons" call themselves "the real-life seven dwarfs," according to a 2012 interview with ABC News. They don't let their unique type of achondroplasia dwarfism define them, instead, they just let the cameras roll and document their (relatively normal) lives, even the imperfect moments. Amber and Trent didn't even modify their furniture in their house and "strive to raise our children in the world that's not built for them," as they told ABC News.

The couple welcomed children Jonah and Elizabeth, but adopted children Emma, Anna and Alex. Amber and Trent went to China in 2010 to adopt Emma, but it wasn't so easy. Per ScreenRant, they flew to Beijing, then took a two-hour train to the orphanage where Emma was living. After spending five days getting to know each other, they went to Guangzhou to finalize adoption paperwork. Then, they flew home to the U.S. "She had a meltdown when we left the orphanage, but as soon as we got home she fit right in," and "never looked back," Amber told People.

As the Season 9 premiere draws closer, fans of the show might be wondering who Emma really is. Keep reading for more details!

Emma Johnston is adopted from China

"7 Little Johnstons" star Emma Johnston is 15 years old and was adopted from China when she was just five, according to her TLC bio. She was the family's last adoption and is "free-spirited and full of energy."

The TLC cameras capture everything in this family, and fans learned last season that Emma receives injections for an autoimmune disease. Her exact disease is unknown. During Season 7, Emma saw a speech therapist to reportedly figure out some communication issues. "Emma is seeing the speech therapist today, Dr. Tiffany, to help her confidence and her abilities to get up in front of her group at camp and instruct them and just be able to overall lead them during this summer camp," her mom Amber said in a clip obtained by Us Weekly. As her speech therapist said, "It seems to me that Emma's language disorder is related just to neurological, to brain functioning, that she processes information a little slower." Emma seemed uncomfortable at the time: "It bothers me when I take forever to answer. I know what I want to say, but I just don't know what the right word is."

Emma appears quite confident and even has her own jewelry store on Etsy, Emmas Rings N Things, featuring rings, earrings, bracelets, and plenty of colorful stickers. Like most teenagers, she enjoys perfecting her dance moves on Tik Tok. She has her challenges, but so does every teen!