BTS Just Shattered Another Record. Here's How.

Korean boy band BTS has not only taken over K-pop but the entire global pop music scene. Boasting musical collaborations with artists like Halsey and Nicki Minaj, the seven BTS boys are making themselves household names all over the world. After debuting in 2013 with members Jungkook, V, Jimin, Jin, Suga, RM, and J-Hope, BTS has become one of the top-performing pop groups globally in recent years.

Their single, "Dynamite," claimed the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 in September 2020, and became their first song to achieve that feat. Their February 2020 album, "Map of the Soul: 7," was one of the ten top-selling albums of the year with 674,009 copies sold, according to MRC Data (via Billboard). BTS also went on to prove their star power on stage at music's biggest night by performing "Dynamite" at the 2021 Grammy Awards, which they were nominated for in the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance category in 2020. If anything, BTS is showing the world that K-pop isn't exclusive to South Korea and East Asia. K-pop is a global movement of music and style, and it's here to stay!

As if there was any doubt left of their success, BTS just broke yet another record. Keep reading for more details. 

BTS' "Butter" single has broken the YouTube premiere record

Given their song and dance prowess and a synchronicity that really hasn't been seen in boy bands since the 1990s, it's no surprise that BTS is one of the biggest music acts in the world. With the help of millions of fans dubbed the "BTS Army" and their amazing talent, BTS is constantly breaking industry records, and they can claim another one on May 21.

BTS just premiered the music video for their newest single, "Butter," on YouTube. According to Forbes, the new music video has garnered at least 3.89 million concurrent views in the hours after its midnight release. But breaking records isn't a new thing for BTS — just last year, their music video for "Dynamite" broke the YouTube record for the most views in 24 hours, reported CNN. In just one day, "Dynamite" had 101.1 million views, which is almost comically low when compared to the one billion views that the video counts on YouTube today. 

We're sure that all of this is no surprise to BTS and their fanbase, but it still amazes us every single time. We can't wait to see what the boy band achieves next!