The Real Life Partners Of The Cast Of Bull

The hit show "Bull" is centered around the life of psychologist and trial-science expert Dr. Jason Bull. One of the show's creators is Phil McGraw — who most viewers know as Dr. Phil — and the show was loosely based on his early days working as a consultant in preparation for trials. According to McGraw, Dr. Bull was only "inspired by" his early career path, via Deadline.

Dr. Bull could be viewed as a controversial figure as he heads his Trial Services Inc. team, and has a complicated personal life. Michael Weatherly, the actor who plays the maligned psychologist, said the character's personal life was in shambles. "He sleeps on his couch, drinks too much, doesn't go to the gym, doesn't take care of himself," Weatherly told People in December 2017.

The trial analyst is at the top of his field professionally and makes personal breakthroughs throughout the show, but Weatherly said Dr. Bull still has a major piece missing from his life, and believes a fulfilling relationship could be the answer. "Even when he's fixed himself up and fits into that smart snazzy suit there's still a chamber that's empty. Could it be his heart?" the actor said to Entertainment Tonight Canada in November 2018.

Enough about Dr. Bull — who are the real-life love interests of the cast of "Bull"?

Dr. Bull is married to a real doctor

For many years in show business, Michael Weatherly was content to live the bachelor life. One night the former "NCIS" star was out for drinks with a friend who asked the actor if he minded being single. "Michael, aren't you lonely?" they asked him. "Not really. I'm pretty happy. Works for Clooney!" Weatherly told his friend, per a May 2010 interview with People. That same night the "Bull" actor met Bojana Jankovic, who would end up being his wife.

The actor plays a doctor on TV, but his wife, Dr. Jankovic Weatherly is the real deal. According to EWG, "She was recognized as the Southern California Top Doctors' Rising Star in 2016 and 2017 and awarded the Top Doctor recognition in 2018 and 2019 in New York." The doctor has expertise working in endocrinology and oncology, and in her Twitter bio she writes: "I support, educate and empower individuals to achieve optimal wellness."

Although Michael is an accomplished actor, he told People in December 2017 that his family was his best accomplishment. "My kids and my marriage are the things I'm proudest of," he said. Michael also joked that Bojana "probably sees me more as a patient than a husband at this point."

Freddy Rodriguez married his high school sweetheart

Before Freddy Rodriguez was unceremoniously dismissed from "Bull" after the network conducted a workplace investigation, per Entertainment Weekly, he played Benny Colon for over 100 episodes. The actor's breakout role was on HBO's "Six Feet Under" but he had met his wife Elsie Rodriguez long before that — the two were high school sweethearts who married in December 1995, per IMDb.

Elsie works as an interior designer, and Freddy revealed that she was the mastermind behind decorating their Chicago home. "My wife's an interior designer, so it was all her doing," he told the Chicago Tribune. "It's a very warm, contemporary modern style." The couple has two sons: Giancarlo and Elijah Rodriguez.

The "Planet Terror" star often gushes over his wife on social media. "So grateful to have these 2 incredible examples of motherhood in my life," Freddy wrote in a Mother's Day 2021 Instagram post. "Elsie, even though they're big, you're still an amazing mom. I love you." He also posted an adorable selfie on Twitter of the couple cuddling at a movie theater to celebrate the day.

Geneva Carr's impressive husband

Geneva Carr had a late start in Hollywood as she worked as a banker until she was 30 years old. The actor who plays Marissa Morgan on "Bull" admitted to the New York Post in May 2015 that she used to blatantly lie on dating sites until she met her future husband Yuji Yamazaki. The two met for coffee, and embarked on a whirlwind romance that saw them engaged and married within a year of meeting each other.

The couple tied the knot in June 2014, and as Carr told Broadway World in August 2014, they had a special honeymoon planned in the Maldives. Yamazaki is a world-class architect and the couple headed to a five-star resort that he helped design. Although their careers seemed completely opposite at first glance, Carr found similarities between their passions. "He, too, must 'audition' in order to get work and then work at it 'because you're crazy about it,'" she told Broadway World.

Yamazaki was born in Tokyo, but his firm Yuzi Yamazaki Architecture is based in New York. "I help people make decisions; I don't make them by myself," he told Hospitality Design when describing his process in a November 2020 interview. Unfortunately, the couple's marriage was short-lived and they parted ways in December 2015, via IMDb.

Mackenzie Meehan's husband is also her ex

Mackenzie Meehan is married to fellow actor Matt Dellapina, and what makes her relationship stand out from her castmates' is that her partner has also appeared on episodes of "Bull." Dellapina has played Eric Rentzel, who is the ex-husband to Meehan's Taylor Rentzel, per IMDb. The actor posted a photo from the set on Instagram and joked: "creeping on my ex-wife as played by my actual wife." The two have been married since October 2014 and have one kid together, via IMDb.

Dellapina is perhaps better known for his writing. He worked as a tutor to make ends meet early in his career which led to him writing the show "Adult Ed." "When I started writing it – and my wife was very, very pregnant at the time – I saw myself going through this where I was like tutoring people on the side and trying to impart this wisdom," he told The National Organization of Italian Americans in Film & Television in June 2019.

The couple often share funny and adorable snaps of each other on social media. "thank you for always making me laugh. Even in a pandemic with an almost 4 year old," Meehan wrote in the caption of an Instagram post from May 2020.

Chris Jackson and his wife had instant chemistry

Prior to portraying Chunk Palmer on "Bull," Chris Jackson captivated audiences for his stage work on Broadway. In fact, it was while working on "In The Heights" that he met his wife Veronica Vazquez, who is also an actor and musician. "It was the only chemistry read I've ever done in my entire life, for a reading, not for the actual production," Jackson told Playbill in January 2017. "She played my love interest in an early iteration of 'In The Heights.'" Although she ultimately did not get the part there was an instant connection between the two performers.

Jackson and Vazquez were married in September 2004, and have two children, C.J. and Jadelyn Jackson, via IMDb. Their son C.J. was diagnosed with autism in 2007, and Jackson was given the news just before performing "In The Heights" off-Broadway for the first time. "I didn't know what that meant. I didn't know where to go," Jackson told Playbill in October 2015. "I'd never heard the word autism before." The couple became advocates for Autism Speaks and have participated in many events to raise money and awareness for the foundation, while also using it as a resource for parenting their son.