Inside Nats Getty And Gigi Gorgeous' Relationship

As a member of one of the most famous business dynasties in recent United States history, socialite, designer, and model Nats Getty and his love life were always going to be of interest to the press. And it's fair to say that the great-grandchild of petrol industrialist J. Paul Getty has certainly given them plenty to write about in recent years.

Indeed, since 2016, Getty has been romantically involved with Gigi Gorgeous, a prominent YouTube star who, as one of Canada's most famous transgender celebrities, is also no stranger to creating headlines of her very own.

As you would expect, the pair has also been more than happy to share the ins and outs of their relationship on social media, documenting everything from temporary break-ups and embarrassing accidents to political activism and parenthood plans on their respective platforms. Here's a further insight into Getty and Gorgeous' eventful and ever-changing love story.

August Getty brought them together

Nats Getty has his younger fashion designer brother to thank for introducing him to the love of his life. August Getty had cast both his sibling and YouTuber Gigi Gorgeous in his 2015 show with David LaChapelle at Universal Studios. And although their paths didn't cross on this occasion due to the backstage pandemonium of the runway, they finally got the chance to speak in February 2016 when Nats wearily agreed to carry out an errand.

August had asked Nats to act as chauffeur for Gorgeous when she arrived at Charles de Gaulle Airport to take part in his show at Paris Fashion Week. And after managing to drag himself out of bed the morning after a heavy night out, Nats arrived just in time to see Gorgeous strutting down the terminal in a lengthy fur coat.

And judging by his recollection of their first proper introduction in a 2020 interview with The New York Times, Nats sure was over the moon: "She was bubbly and laughing, and it was so infectious. The moment I saw her, I was instantly a thousand times happier than I was the second before."

They had their first date at Paris Fashion Week

After hitting it off on their first proper meeting at Charles de Gaulle Airport in 2016, Nats Getty quickly became part of Gigi Gorgeous' friendship group during their two-week trip for Paris Fashion Week. But the former was also keen to get another one-to-one with the YouTuber, and so on one particular day, he managed to persuade her to ditch her other gal pals.

The pair then spent 24 hours solely in each other's company, shopping at the French capital's luxury boutique Balmain and enjoying crepes at a local café. It sounds like the stuff of romantic fantasy, but Gorgeous admitted to Variety four years later that she wasn't even aware at the time that she was on a date.

That no doubt changed when the two models kissed each other for the first time at a Parisian nightspot where, according to Gorgeous, "everyone was partying their face off." And the couple continued to stay in constant contact after returning to normality in their respective Los Angeles homes. The Canadian added, "It became pretty clear that we couldn't be away from each other."

Nats Getty immediately knew Gigi Gorgeous was the one

It's fair to say that Nats Getty didn't exactly play it cool when he first spent time with Gigi Gorgeous. "Every day in Paris, I kept saying, 'I have a crush on you. I'm obsessed with you,'" the designer told Variety in 2020 while recalling the beginnings of their whirlwind romance at the French capital's annual Fashion Week four years earlier.

The designer explained to The New York Times how he had previously been unlucky in love but knew instantly that Gorgeous had made all the heartache worth it: "I was trying to live an authentic lifestyle, and I just didn't have it in me — I felt a lot of shame. The moment I had Gigi in my life, I had the perfect example of what it is to be an authentic person living your true life, to love yourself and be proud of who you are no matter what."

Although Gorgeous admits that she wasn't in a dating frame of mind at the time, she's equally glad that Getty came into her life: "I truly believe that you find love when you're not looking for it, and that's exactly what happened."

The Getty family has been supportive of their relationship

As the openly gay fashion designer who was responsible for introducing them, it's little surprise that Nats Getty's brother August was hugely supportive of his relationship with Gigi Gorgeous. In fact, he even created the elaborate silk gown that the YouTuber sported for her wedding rehearsal dinner. But how did the rest of the Getty clan react to their marriage?

Well, mother Ariadne has been more than happy to give her blessing, as she told The New York Times in 2020: "I really believe that they both would be misunderstood by anybody else. They've found their safe space together." The film producer also acknowledged how Nats had returned from their first meeting with Gorgeous four years earlier a much happier person.

Ariadne, who divorced Nats' father Justin Williams in the mid-'00s before finding love again with music producer Louie Rubio, added, "Their story is such an important story. It takes tremendous courage to come out as gay or transgender, and by living their life in the public eye as much as they do, they give people courage and hope."

They had a star-studded wedding

As a member of a family with an estimated net worth of $5.4 billion, Nats Getty was never going to have a low-key wedding. The designer and bride Gigi Gorgeous invited no fewer than 220 of their nearest and dearest to their 2019 nuptials at Santa Barbara's Rosewood Miramar Beach Hotel. If that's not all, this guest list included several major celebrity names, too.

"Desperate Housewives" star Teri Hatcher, YouTubers Trisha Paytas, Hannah Hart, Grace Helbig, and arguably the most high-profile transgender woman Caitlyn Jenner were all in attendance, while toasts were given by Getty's godfather, California governor Gavin Newsom ("I'm proud of you and I'm proud of Gigi"), and A-list couple Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, who roared, "Show us how it's done!" (via Town & Country).

Getty was given away by mother Ariadne, while Gorgeous was walked down the aisle by father David Lazzarato to the sounds of a violin rendition of Celine Dion's "Because You Loved Me." According to The New York Times, the former donned a self-designed white suit complete with tailcoat for the occasion, while the latter — whose vows were interrupted by a passing Union Pacific Railroad — opted for a matching Michael Costello gown. The happy couple then celebrated their union with a lavish meal of pan-roasted filet mignon before boogieing the night away with the live band Everyday People.

Their wedding was nearly derailed by an accident

As you can see from all the snaps that appeared in the likes of The New York Times, Nats Getty and Gigi Gorgeous' wedding in 2019 appeared to be the kind of picture-perfect occasion that they'd always dreamed of. Well, apart from one thing. The former had to tie the knot while steadying himself with a cane.

Just three weeks after saying "I do" in front of 220 loved ones at Rosewood Miramar Beach, Gorgeous informed her YouTube followers in a video titled "I'm Married" that her partner had "got into a little accident" shortly before the ceremony. And she was partly to blame.

The Canadian recalled the moment she fell over listening to music while perched on Getty's lap and subsequently tore the designer's meniscus with her full body weight. She added, "We went to the doctor and he was like ... 'You need surgery.'" As she went on, "We were gagged because we've been planning this wedding for almost a year." The pair ultimately decided that any medical procedures could wait and Getty simply walked down the aisle with an extra fashion accessory.

They once briefly broke up

They say the path of true love never runs smooth, and that's certainly been the case for Nats Getty and Gigi Gorgeous. Just months after they first fell for each other during Paris Fashion Week in 2016, the couple broke up. And unsurprisingly, the latter took to YouTube to reveal all.

A tearful Gorgeous told her followers, "I still really, really care about [him] and I don't want anything bad said about [him], or about our relationship. And I just ask that you guys be super nice to [him] because I still really care." The Canadian didn't reveal what was behind the split. But the situation looked to be even more permanent when shortly after, she was reportedly spotted holding hands with Andreja Pejic on a Florida beach (via J-14).

However, the plot thickened when just weeks later, Gorgeous uploaded an Instagram photo of herself (via J-14) and Natty locking lips in front of a Christmas tree. Thankfully, the couple appeared to have swerved any similar drama since then, and in 2019, they proved they were stronger than ever when they walked down the aisle.

They're not afraid to mix business with pleasure

They say you should never mix business with pleasure but tell that to Nats Getty. In 2019, he officially launched Strike Oil, a lifestyle brand designed for "the misfits and the outcasts, the unseen and the unheard." And who better to promote it than their future wife? As a renowned social media influencer, Gigi Gorgeous was called upon by Getty to help champion everything from printed bandanas to painted leather jackets on various platforms. And within a month, Strike Oil had racked up an impressive 14,000 Instagram followers.

Not only is Gorgeous a handy marketing person, but she's also something of a muse, as Getty explained to Forbes: "I am highly inspired by my personal life and that's reflected in my work. Gigi — for example — is a huge source of inspiration for me I named a bomber after her. When I am personally moved by something I always incorporate it in my work."

The designer also explained how being part of the Getty dynasty has influenced his work ethic: "I was raised to be hard working and chase my dreams and set major goals for myself. I think personally and professionally I am dedicated and hardworking, I have always held a high standard for myself and I can attribute that to my family."

They are both members of the trans community

In 2021, Nats Getty took to Instagram to make one of the most important statements of his life. "This is a very emotional and exciting day for me," he began. "I am so nervous as I type this, but I know the time is now."

The designer then revealed that he was transgender, explaining, "I have spent my entire life not in sync with the body I was born with and confined by an outward appearance that did not match my mind or my soul. It wasn't until recently that I was even comfortable admitting this to myself, once I was able to look inwards and truly reflect on my authentic self." He also announced they'd undergone top surgery while offering support to anyone going through the same journey of self-discovery.

Getty's heartfelt message was accompanied by a photo of himself and wife Gigi Gorgeous both topless. The latter, of course, had come out as a trans woman eight years previously and often chronicled her transition on social media — an approach which Getty also seems to be adopting. Indeed, in a YouTube video posted on Gorgeous' channel that same day, the Strike Oil founder allowed cameras to follow him during the top surgery process. "Can't even begin to process how happy, proud and in awe I am of you," the Canadian wrote alongside another snap of the pair on her own Instagram account.

They want to start a family

In 2018, Gigi Gorgeous took to the platform she made her name on, YouTube, for an emotional confessional video about a subject she'd previously been reluctant to talk about: having children. The Canadian revealed that she and partner Nats Getty both wanted to become parents at some stage but that she first needed to get her head around the difficulties they will face.

She said, "I know genetic women have troubles with their pregnancy and getting pregnant and not even being able to have children or having, God forbid, miscarriages and things like that. But, for me, being trans, it's not even a possibility to get pregnant. I wasn't born with a uterus or a vagina or any of the working parts that gives you a babushka right? Like, I can't give birth to my own child. We know that."

Gorgeous went on to admit that as a result, she often feels "inferior to women" who can give birth: "It's such an unfair thing to me ... and some days I just get so frustrated and so angry that I can't just go through that, because childbirth and being pregnant is something that I've always wanted." The social media star also confirmed that she and Getty have had their sperm and eggs frozen for when they are eventually ready to welcome a child into the world.

They caused confusion with a baby pic

A year before tearfully revealing her agony over the issue of having children, Gigi Gorgeous and her partner Nats Getty appeared to announce that they were already parents. The confusion began when the YouTuber uploaded an Instagram snap of the pair cradling a baby boy captioned, "Thank you so much to our beautiful surrogate."

The picture quickly racked up thousands of likes, with many of Gorgeous' followers also offering their good wishes in the comments section. However, not everything was as it seemed. As the Canadian's spokeswoman Laura Ackermann told Just Jared, the word "surrogate" had been misinterpreted. The baby in question actually belonged to a friend of the couple who they were visiting at the time.

Ackermann explained, "Her use of the term while holding her friend's new baby was meant playfully, as she was stepping into the parenting role and caring for the child during her visit. She was so excited to help care for the baby and is thrilled to be a part of the child's life. Gigi believes that family is what you make it and will help provide a support system for the child for many years to come."

They're both keen activists

In 2020, Gigi Gorgeous and Nats Getty headed to Davos in the Swiss Alps. But it wasn't skiing that the newlyweds had in mind. Instead, they were attempting to use their fame, power, and privilege to fight for LGBTQ rights.

Indeed, the couple had been invited to discuss issues affecting their community at the annual meeting staged by the World Economic Forum, something which Gorgeous, in particular, told Reuters she was supremely proud of: "We schlep our arses to town every day and we sit on panels. We educate people with our story, and speak in front of cameras reaching millions of people. It's really nice Davos in general is taking us in little by little and it is growing. Next year is going to be more ... and it's fabulous for our community."

The YouTuber explained that the response to her and Natty's relationship inspired them to fight for their cause even harder: "A lot of people couldn't wrap their heads around a transgender male-to-female woman being gay. Our work is never over. This is our life, our passion ... It is little victories every day that change people's minds."

There are three key things to their relationship

Apart from a temporary blip toward the end of 2016, Nats Getty and Gigi Gorgeous' relationship appears to have been as steady as a rock. So what's their secret? Well, while appearing at the WrapWomen Foundation's Power Women Summit in Santa Monica in 2019, the pair revealed that there were three key factors.

Speaking to The Skinny Confidential founder Lauryn Evarts Bosstick at the two-day event designed to promote equality within the workplace, Gorgeous said, "Listening is key, for sure, saying sorry and meaning it is key, and supporting the other person. I truly feel like we embody support." Turning to her partner, the YouTuber added, "You support me so much, and I feel it. You push me to grow farther than I ever could alone. I know that for a fact."

And the public gushing continued when Getty responded, "Being there, when you're in a relationship — I always say to G, 'You're my person.' And she says it back. You always feel like you're their person, and vice versa."

They have a combined net worth of $33 million

Gigi Gorgeous and Nats Getty undoubtedly have enough money in the bank to never work a day in their lives again. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the former has approximately $3 million to her name thanks to her hugely popular online presence, reality TV stints, and modeling work.

In any other relationship, the YouTuber would no doubt be the main breadwinner. Of course, she's now married to a member of one of the richest families in the world. But how much exactly of the Getty dynasty's staggering $5.4 billion fortune is Nats entitled to?

Well, reports suggest that the designer has approximately $30 million (via The Sun), bringing the couple known as Nigi's combined tally to a cool $33 million! And with the continued success of Getty's Strike Oil label and Gorgeous gracing everything from sci-fi comedies to Madonna videos, expect that already colossal number to grow and grow.