Family Karma: Inside Vishal Parvani And Richa Sadana's Relationship

On the first season of Bravo's "Family Karma," we were introduced to nine Indian American friends living in Miami as they balanced work, relationships, and everything else that comes with living in traditional, close-knit families. Throw in a heavy dose of drama and you have one outrageous reality show.

Season 2 of the series trailer promises a glamorous Diwali party, a cast member freezing her eggs, and lots of confrontations with family members. Anisha doesn't care that she isn't married, but some of her family members apparently think she has an "evil eye." We're also expecting a coming out story and lots of relationship drama, per People. It's safe to say that this season will be one for the books.

The first season of the series ended with the engagement of Vishal Parvani and Richa Sadana, and season two includes their engagement party, which was not your average shindig. Both families participated in a lavish ceremony to bless the couple and Vishal presented his future wife with an impressive ring. He realized the significance of the engagement ceremony, saying, "It's a big deal, it's the joining of two families."

Besides all that, where does Vishal and Richa's relationship stand today? Keep reading for more details.

Vishal Parvani and Richa Sadana are not yet married

Despite their glitzy engagement party, Vishal Parvani and Richa Sadana have not walked down the aisle yet. As of April 2020, the couple hadn't made official wedding plans. "There hasn't been a rush for three years, so why rush it now?" Vishal said, per Bravo. He also discussed some of the issues that pushed back their wedding date. "One of the larger ones is right after I proposed is right when she took over her mom's business, which means we went from seeing each other every day for five years to where she's now long distance," he explained. "And for the past two years, we've been long distance. So that's a new hurdle and challenge that was pushed onto our relationship amongst the many other issues that we have that we need to address."

Vishal seems concerned about their long-distance relationship, as he still lives in Miami with his parents and Richa lives in Memphis. "I guess the next step is we should probably buy a house together and live together before getting married," he said. "She will come down maybe one week out of the month, and I'll try taking a weekend trip to Memphis once a month. And keep the long-distance relationship."

Despite the distance, this couple makes the most of the time they spend together. It appears they love hiking and taking in scenic views together, per Vishal's Instagram, and we're looking forward to seeing their wedding plans play out on "Family Karma."