The Truth About Scott Thomas' Marriage

Country music fans know Scott Thomas as a member of Parmalee, the band known for hits like "Just the Way" and "Carolina." Scott is actually in the band with his brother Matt Thomas, who opened up to The State in November 2018 about making music with his brother. "It's fun. It's family, so we all have the same goal. At the end of the day, it's about supporting the same people which is good. Family is family, so we have our moments, but we all get along pretty good. We've been doing this long enough to kind of interweave with each other when we need to," Matt said.

Matt has also said that it took some time for him and his brother to attract a following, but their hard work has paid off. "We all write. It's about the best song. The songs are always in the air. You just have to reach up and grab them," he told the Sun Journal in 2018.

When Scott isn't jamming out on the road, he's a loving husband to wife Lexia Chamryk. Keep reading for more details about their marriage.

Scott Thomas and Lexia Chamryk are deeply in love

Scott Thomas and Lexia Chamryk tied the knot in October 2020 with a "spontaneous" Las Vegas wedding ceremony, according to People. The couple preferred a "minimal" celebration and A Little White Wedding Chapel was the perfect spot to exchange vows. "Scott and I were unsure how we felt about the ceremonial aspects of a traditional marriage, so we decided to pay homage to our showbiz heroes and roll up to the Vegas chapel that shared a parking lot with the chapel in which my parents tied the knot 22 years ago," Chamryk said. 

"It was the perfect tribute to them and the spontaneity we both share. ... We always knew the ceremony would be minimal and thrown together in an 'everyone feels comfortable to let their hair down' way. However, we didn't plan for this low-key. When COVID hit, it was the perfect excuse to do it exactly how we wanted to." Aw! 

Chamryk met her husband while working in Nashville, Tenn. as part of his team, but has a clear line between business and their love life. "While an unexpected love story developed through harder and longer hours together, as things got more serious, we have practiced a lot of respect and communication that doesn't allow for things to get messy," she added. Scott gave his wife a shout-out on Instagram on Valentine's Day: "Happy to be celebrating my Bday and Valentines with this firecracker! Love you!"